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  1. Crypto Kirby nailed it too…He makes fun of HODLERS though…lol++ But, he seems to have been spot on…I am long term…my choice..and I will stick with it..Good Luck all

  2. Arcane bear said this morning if bitcoin goes sub 6,200 then bitcoin would drop to 4,200. So far it looks like it. I just dropped 7 grand in crypto at 10 Am again and this why I'm puking . he says it will not rebound For 1 year plus. Yep I'm pukeing

  3. 100% так и будет.полностю с тобой согласен. Молодец.Кстати, пару дней тому назад зарегистрировался на новой крипто бирже – оказалась очень интересная и перспективная – буду теперь торговать только на ней. Есль интересно Вот ее координаты….

  4. Tooth of Silver, you and I are in this thing for the long run. We are not easily intimidated and discouraged. Apparently we are not alone. I just went to the Bitcoin ATM machine and they are out of coins. BTC will rise again!!

  5. Don't see how is this "good news" from TA point of view. BTC showed great weakens and lack of support.
    We breached down side of that triangle and we are on the way to even lover price levels.
    This is dangerous territory. Plus we are close to EoY when people are usually dumping coins and shifting to fiat.
    It is difficult to say where will be the bottom, it can be 5k, 4k, 3k or even inside 2-3k range…. that is more than 50% potential loss.

  6. We had at least 6 of these wedges on a daily BTC chart this year alone, and have fallen through the bottom of it each time, just like we did on this weekly wedge. What makes you think we are going to recover this time? Just because it is a weekly chart and not a daily chart? Is it going to be different this time? Don't count your chickens before they've hatched. We might see a recovery for a week before we get hammered lower. We could be looking at $3500 BTC next month. You're about to grab a falling machete. You need to wait for the technicals to confirm we are headed higher before buying.

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