Bitcoin FALLING!! | $3,000 Or $5,000 Next?! | Manipulation Or Shakeout?

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: The Bitcoin price is falling or crashing right now. Why? I’ll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. There could be opportunities to long and short Bitcoin as volatility comes back. Where is the support, how far is the Bitcoin crash going to last and where is the bottom? Watch the video to learn more!

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0:18 Volume & Volatility Is Back!
2:34 Weekly RSI
4:49 SMa’s & EMA’s
8:02 Death Cross
8:36 Support Zone!
13:12 Manipulation?
14:49 General Market Analysis
17:45 Q&A
20:26 My Prediction

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  1. Made some calculations and iterations from BTC Mt.Gox data and from Bitsamp data. According these iterations BTC will reach its ultimate bottom (2500$ish) around February 2020. Then the next time BTC will reach and outpace the latest ATH (Dec 2017) will be around February 2023. From this point onward it will reach the next ATH (120000$ish) already in around June-July 2023 after which the next bear market begins. BUT because only about 1% of worlds population has been exposed to cryptos until this date and we are still in the pioneer phase everything is very unstable and unrefined. This is why BTC is very likely to disappear before its next supposed ATH in 2023. Because of this it's also likely that some other crypto will take the lead sometime in the future. Pioneer phase lasts until 2.5% of worlds population has been exposed to cryptos. Then during the next 10% exposed is the early adopters phase and after that the early majority phase lasts until 37.5% of worlds population has been exposed to cryptos. Some perspective.

  2. Pkease Carl, can you do a analisis of the weekly chart but seeing from 2011, i think that can be good hear your analisis from long time ago. to see a general view…thank you so much Carl

  3. how do you think of the BCH battle between Wujihan and CWS ,which led this waterfall. They have different view of BCH (break to ABC SV ), so they sold btc for the token they support

  4. Bitcoin. Org co-owner cobra supports bitcoincash and bitcoin has so many forks and proof of work isn't the future it has issues of doubles spending miners not mining because of less fees, scalibility, bcash on other hand can dump their coins when it's becomes useless. The only coin I can see the real future of cryptocurrency is XRP
    Since xrp doesn't require mining it executes the 51% attack which bitcoin network has.. Its high risk to use bitcoin.

  5. Triangle has broken. Could see Bitcoin slowly bleed out the rest of the year now. Support is a long way down… A moment of silence for the moon boys that said it will never break 6k and that the bottom was in at 6k. I hate you all moon boys, Sincerely Samantha.

  6. You rock Carl.! No one gives in-depth analysis like you do. You’re attention to detail and execution is second to none. Keep up the great work

  7. To all the people who believe Bitcoin will hit 100k plus at some point in the not too distant future, why would anyone sell at this price and why isn't everybody buying shitloads right now at these prices if they truly believe it will hit 100, 200,500k+?

    Bull won't begin until people actually start using crypto not just trading it.

  8. been watching your videos for months. thanks man. your info is always appreciated. etfs go at the bottom, futures at the top. looks like we are going to 4800. also, CBOE expiring, on the same exact day is very huge news, maybe worth more looking into, for manipulation purposes…

  9. I think a drop to around 3850- 3730 could be bottom as I made some lines in which showed these numbers using the global average chart and your analysis makes me feel this is a likely reverse point

  10. Seriously tho what did say ? Your not going to admit your a shit trader who literally draws random fucking lines & don’t understand market structure. I’m disappointed you can’t be honest. Your subs lost a ton of money, I might just open up my own channel to teach these idiots how to not loose a ton of money. Carl this is a failure as a trader learn some square ups. I wouldn’t listen to 1 thing you said but nearly 30k subs !! You cost them a fortune !!

  11. My question would be – how can it NOT be manipulated? I mean, how does the BTC price on all the exchanges drop at the same time? Why not on a single exchange? Or two? How does it happen in all of them at once?

    The only rational explanation that I can come up with is someone with a lot of BTC moved the bitcoins to all the exchanges and selled it on all of them at once. Any other possible scenarios for this?

  12. What’s up Carl, as far as TA it’s my opinion that you bring some of the best value to this community. Great info and very educational. Keep up the great work bro!

  13. you said the same BS when BTC was at $6500. Volume is increasing? Have you ever heard of machine trading? 50% to go up or 50% to go down? pure genius!

  14. Oh Carl,

    Everyother youtuber out there : "This is absolutely manipulation !!! "

    Carl the Moon Man : "This does not have to be manipulation, this could very well be the result of multiple limit orders and stop losses."

    And this is why I look forward to your daily analysis the most. Never shaken, always level headed and realistic, all the while keeping your viewers ahead of the herd by not being suckered in to the panic and pointing fingers at things like manipulation.

    Manipulation is the excuse people use who don't understand technical analysis.

    We hovered in a range forever, and major supports broke.

    It's pretty damn simple and was highly likely as you basically said in the video prior.

    So thanks for that, and keep the updates coming.

  15. You guys are all DELUSIONAL! LMAAAAO! What is going to wake you bulltard moonboys up?? A gigantic descending triangle was staring in your faces for months. You deserve to lose all your money if you continue to avoid the obvious red flags.

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