Bitcoin CRASHED To $4500 – Final Capitulation For Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin has fallen sharply since it’s break of $6,000. In this video we discuss whether this HUGE selloff is the final capitulation for Bitcoin that so many have been calling for.

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  1. Could go to zero, bots race to zero , loom up when the new York stockexchange had to turn the bots off whos going to turn them off for bitcoin?

  2. You people who have been in crypto all this time who sell here to think its going lower are absolute morons. People shorting from now are absolute morons. Who shorts at the bottom when you go from 6.5k to 4k in a week??? You people have learned nothing from your past mistakes.

    If you know how to trade, this is clearly a good area for long trade to around the 5.5k. It's very unlikely that BTC will drop from here to 3k. Move up to consolidate then back down to 3k area. That's whats been on the cards during this whole bear market.

    As for capitulation – this is not capitulation. This is just a measured aggressive sell off. No capitulation candle, no buy/sell volume to rebound.

  3. I've been listening to your channel for a little while now, but what is wrong with shorting this market? It has been the most opportunity for the last 4 months! There's nothing wrong with traders selling their positions. Just look at the one month trend! If you've been buying at any of those lows, you have been losing! Because it just kept getting lower and lower and lower. The charts look so incredibly bearish. How can you say that buying alts and btc right now is a discount?? Even if you dollar avg your way into alts, you've been getting crushed. For all we know 3/4 of these alts will be gone and their all over priced right now! Next support is $3500. I don't think you know when the bottom is actually in or even close.

  4. Hey Jebb, great video Thanks. This market is so new to the world. We have so many gurus that know squat. Many of us are having a first experience with fin markets know there will be lots of money made by the willing to learn how it all works. All the alt coins are in their final square up phase some may still be driven lower but all in all this market is being reset for the next bull run. I say plan, stalk, and pounce on some turtles then when the rabbit starts to run be ready to trade. Keep learning TA for for dreams. Life will change.

  5. lol this guy still saying things about Bitcoin? I'm sure he doesn't even own any bitcoin himself. He's just making money off you guys using Youtube ads.

  6. Useless analysis as usual. His earlier video said bull horns are here soon.
    I liked this guy but now I listen to this and waste my time. He needs to go back and listen to his own videos and he will feel disgusted. Done man. Cheers. Glad I didn’t see his videos and instead sold at 6000$.

  7. It’s amazing how people can blame others for their own problems when faced with high stress situations. Stop being a cry baby and sell every crypto you have! You dont deserve to be in the crypto space! Coño

  8. Dont think this is capitulation, if you compare previous negative volumes this isnt it. Think bounce to around 6k-6.2k(where 50&200day are on 3day chart), then capitulation after. Suggest around 3k-3.5k. Anything possible as we broke market structure and are below the 200day moving average on 3day chart.

  9. Crypto Jebb….. Trying to call the bottom for 9 months! Cant fault your optimism. Still looking at that 20k and dreaming, pumped and dumped and moved on, cryptos are dead. Alt coins are garbage, bitcoins, anonymity for criminals, ISIS and pedophiles, not a great foundation for any currency. Sub 1500 bottom, keep selling.

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