BITCOIN CRASHING BELOW $5,000!! | BTC Has NEVER Been This Oversold In RSI, Bounce IMMINENT??

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: The Bitcoin price is crashing below $5,000 as I’m writing this. We met the target of $5k, so will we see the bounce now? I’ll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

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  1. It's interesting that whenever there are drops, everyone talks about the decline of cryptocurrencies. Was it the same when the stock market in the last weeks when there were such big drops? Probably not. So I'm looking at the future with positive thoughts. I've invested in the FuturoCoin altcoin (good exchange rate now due to BTC crash) and I hope it will bring me profits.

  2. No reasons why shitcoin is being sold off?..are you stupid?
    In the last few days the US Dept of Justice has launched an investigation into Bitfinex and their bogus shitcoin Tether and looking at the role they played in the manipulation of the price of Bitcoin, which anyone with any interest in BTC knows they were responsible for the pump and dumps that caused people to buy into the biggest hoax ever last year when ignorant millennials like you got into a feeding frenzy and were suckered all the way up to $19K…and as soon as short selling BTC became available, Bitfinex triggered a selloff so they could make money on the way down, and that is why the price plummeted..which I bet you were completely unaware of (do you even know what short selling is?)
    Also you had another scam and hoax and ripoff called ICO's that made millionaires out of crooked 20 something year old millennials that realized that Investors would throw money at a project based on a good story called a Whitepaper, and nothing else, no MVP, no vetting, just a promise and they ended up running off with the money to buy Lambos and whores, after their multi million dollar million hard caps were reached, shitting on and staining any potential or promise that BTC may have offered in the process..stupid fucks are going to have to find a real job after they have spent it all, and that is going to be as good as a jail sentence for them..millenials a the dumbest generation and have no clue how to survive it is going to be a big wake up call for those lazy fucks..
    So you can sit and analyze your charts and sound like a savvy market pundit, but you don't know shit, and once Bitfinex has been shut down and their thieving crooked owners thrown in jail, (for LIFE I HOPE) and without basic investment fundamentals to justify value like you find in commodities like stocks, BTC will continue to nosedive down and settle at its true market value of around $1000 or less, and anyone buying shitcoins right now is a complete fucking idiot.
    Bounce on that, Mr Moon.

  3. People predict things after they happen pretending to know about. This shows they also just follow the stampede sheep behavior that fuels the fall we're seeing. As consequence of that behavior it remains unclear what's going on until some respectful inquiry gives real clear evidence of what is going on in this quite tricky Black Friday market….. also BTC off 30%… by the way how many have used BTC to buy stuff?

  4. Institutions are dumping BTC. Stocks are crashing so they selling everything.
    That's why the rsi was never that low, because institutions were not here.
    Now they are dumping the BTC they bought OTC

  5. WTF!!! Buying the dips guys is like swimming towards a big wave, You are gonna get drown! wait until the wind is behind your back.
    Nothing is with discount! that is what they want you to think to keep your money guys! just be patience!

  6. jesus…. this moon boy now is repeating the things that Tone Vays has been talking about over a year now.
    this moon boy has been criticizing and mocking at tone vays for 1 year and today in this video, this boy sounds like tone vays…
    guys… this moon boy is nothing more than just some dumb average joe in the streets, do not take anything seriously that this moon boy says. everything from this boy is pure jokes.
    tomorrow btc can go up to 1 million dollars… and the next day we may crash down to 1.3k 🙁
    this is what this boy has been talking….damn it!

  7. if we are reach in rsi or stoch rsi the "oversold area", it does not really mean that the market is oversold!!! As you said you expected a bounce from ~$5000 but it didn't!!! It means the market is highly bearish and can reach lower prices faster than before!

  8. How about $4000 or below? It is a possibility. In a falling market indicators show the bottom and oversold pretty fast. When there is huge supply, whatever indicators suggests will not matter. prices will keep going down, down and down… That is what is happening here. I saw a couple of hours back it climbing back to $5000 level and then now it is trading around $4585 levels. My experience says indicators are wrong always. investors are moving their dollars to other assets and abandoning bitcoin for the time being. this bloodbath is needed for all fools to learn a good lesson. nothing goes up forever and ever. what goes up will come down too. Lets see where the next major support levels are and how many will support those prices?

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