How Low Will Bitcoin Go? 10 Experts Answer. “$130,000-$250,000 Likely”

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  1. I'd advise everyone to check out Real-Crypto here on youtube. (Node Investor good also). Real Crypto has been calling for these current levels & possibly as low as 1300 as long as 7 months ago. one of the few guys I trust. he never calls 'the bottom' b/c it's impossible to know! he called it before Tone Vays, too.

  2. Steve from Crypto Crew University needs mentioning, consistently has been right on the money including this 3K+ Bitcoin. Also wanna thank you for the great work you're doing, you're trusted and respected by reporting & sharing honest content, keep it up, cheers!!

  3. i kinda believe these predictions might not be super realistic, the economic markets are due for a global crash soon. When this happens i believe bitcoin might even go below the estimated 3k evaluation, when comparing its 4300 price point right now. Smartest thing to do right now is take out watever u have , save up and wait for the crash mid 2019 to mid 2020.

  4. Yeah I made fun of Tone for 'shorting the bottom' then it broke and everyone said that he had the last laugh. Then I found out that Tone actually no longer had his position open when it dropped…. Which caused me to piss myself laughing.

  5. The Tone tweet you gave him a shoutout for was Tone saying after the break of 6K to 4K he could see it rallying back up to 6K or even 8k which it still hasn't so he's still incorrect. The tweet he highlighed was Tone being a smug dick to somebody who respectfully disagreed with him (Kevin Svenson) and so far Kevin's still right, Tone deserves no praise for this, it was an ego trip move and he's still wrong so far, it's not rallying back up.

  6. This was a great video. I can tell you put in the work.

    Tone vays was right this time, but so is a broken clock twice a day. He doesn't even trade, just does TA calls all day and night.

  7. no one is good at trading. they are good at selling courses and shilling links otherwise they would not be making stupid videos saying maybe and probably, they would just post their ideas on tradingview with a specific stop loss and a specific target. almost no one is doing this….do i need to explain why? please Dvir, address this. I don't have the audience to say this

  8. When you consider bayesian theory:
    a person has %50 chance to successfully estimate price go up (or down).
    Even a person successfully guessed 10 times in a row.
    There is a %50 chance to be 11th guess will be correct…

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