Bitcoin Down 40% in 10 Days | What I’m Doing

Bitcoin is down almost 40% in only 10 days. In this video, I explain what I’m doing as Bitcoin is plunging.
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  1. Its heading back to a few dollars a coin and then the world can get back to serious Business with flat currency?
    Oh and wonderful new get rich quick projects like Invacio?

    LOL @ crypto,
    Time is better spent else where…

  2. The Bitcoin: It does not serve as an exchange currency because of its volatility … And as a reserve value either, because it is driving for a few. Do not think about the others … We continue to insist on technology, but there is something that does not close, and it seems that we do not reach the solution of the method for exchange that does not lose value, but be stable. Another problem is that it can not be limited because it is driven by speculation. It is sick in itself … If there is someone who thinks: The coin would have to have a brake on itself; something like when it goes up it increases units per unit and when it decreases it decreases units; such that the unit value is maintained and does not explode due to global acceptance …

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