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  1. Saw this video almost 8 years ago. 8 years later he was right about the VR headsets. Its amazing how this guys prediction is still holding up so far.

  2. he made this prediction before palmer lucky even made the first oculus rift prototype. all the industry pundits we're calling vr a fad like it was in the 90s and nobody wants to play games with a helmet. can't doubt this guy

  3. I think the future will be an integrated matrix of consciousness that essentially runs our civilization. This will itself merge with a sort of pilot-wave of universal consciousness that older sentient beings have already integrated their civilizations into. We will transcend the physical universe as it is only an artifact of this universal consciousness. Within that will be self identifying nodes of personalities (former discreet souls or individuals – we who have uploaded ourselves to immortality) who will swim through any experience we desire and can indeed experience multiple lives at once.

  4. Why is it always in the future? Wish I had full immersion full 5 sense reality now so I can experience over internet sex or vr porn now, I'm too ugly fat to get it for real lol. Today's vr tech is a bit naff at the moment and imagine it could be a lot better! How hard is it to do a sex cyber suit these days?

  5. Over 5 years have passed since this video was made, and notice that we ARE now entering the era of virtual reality, just like Kurzweil predicted, with oculus Rift, HTC Vive and even Google Cardboard! Also notice he mentioned computers beating Go, and DeepMind has trounced the WORLD's GO CHAMPION just this year! So I would say Kurzweil's predictions are pretty on-track! He was off a bit in saying that eyeglasses would beam onto your retina next when really it's more like headsets, but I would say he was pretty damn accurate on this! Overall, I give him an "A" on this so far.

  6. Sound truly inspiring and i can't wait, but if we possessed a different body in virtual reality, would that not confuse and potentially damage our brain and psyche? The different biochemistry might not be problematic because the link to our real minds is through nanobot signals that can be mediated, so it's not like getting a head transplant, but wouldn't the 'software' or nervous system of other bodies (especially of other genders) be incompatible?

  7. I seriously hope this happens within my lifetime, you'd literally be able to live your perfect dream life no matter how rich or poor you are. Average life expectancy in the UK is 81.5 so I've got 63.5 years to wait, I'm hoping the immortal pill will be developed my lifetime too lol (one can hope!), I'd never get bored with full immersion VR, not even in 10,000 years.

  8. Is there any research created that which immersion will be fun pleasure enjoy entertain – today's device gadget or future nervous system immersion . ??

  9. If the people here are going to donate for this, I sure as well pray that there will be more funds for grammar education… (I'm only referring to a few of them.)

  10. Ray Kurzweil is a breath of fresh air. Just telling it how it is based on current projections. No air of desperate hope or dangling random possibilities in front of us.

  11. Virtual reality nanobots in 25 years? I want to believe, but it's unlikely. May be 40-50 years from now. 
    P.s. It would be cool if Ray Kurzweil will try the last prototype of Oculus Rift… With low latency, high resolution and low persistence OLED display. I think he will be very surprized…

  12. Image a virual world of endless pain in every cell of your Body… you would not be the same Person afterwarts if you dont die, though… Thats what im scared about… (Sword Art Online)

  13. It's not difficult in theory but current gen games don't even have a level of interactivity outside of completing a linear story with limited world borders. Only Japan would even dream of creating a game world as rich as Sword Art Online.
    That said, if it involves nanobots entering my brain, count me out.

  14. and not saying he could make a "Nerve Gear" but fuk i wanna be playin and my weopon would be a sythe or a syicle in SOA if it will ever be…fuk It will be made.

  15. this is bs if the guy can explain to what to become of this virtual reality thing why cant he then make it already i want god damn Sword art online i Would give  anything to escape this shitt world and go to a realm of fun exciting world to live in.

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