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  1. Finally… I've been waiting for you <3 (This was fun! Was glad to be a part of this. Loved the twist and the rest of the plot of this storyline ;P )

  2. As soon as Mia said someone sent her I immediately thought it was Violet! LUL Such a great twist for the story and can't wait for 2019 parts! Y'all did amazingly! <3

  3. It's amusing to notice the non-extreme editing to make it appear rawer while other YouTubers will take it to the extreme so it appears as if no mistakes nor funny moments happened during the making of the episode!!!!
    EDIT: Somehow you always receive chances to deliver a Niagra Falls joke.
    EDIT 2x: The explanation for you absences to Mia was gold, lol.
    EDIT 3x: The ironic thing is that I made a comparison to you and Deadpool, and you made another 4th wall-break here as well.
    EDIT 4x: I predict that Mia is going to proceed to make the audience feel symphony for her for when something wrong happens to her we will regret making her the "villain". I could be wrong and will edit this to say if I was wrong or right. EDIT: NOPE I WAS WAY WRONG!
    EDIT 5x: Mia has Apoc's mentality on not sharing their man with someone else, but Apoc is with other females while Mia is anyone in general even her own children.
    EDIT 6x: That plot twist at the end supplied me with goosebumps and almost a heart attack!!!

  4. VIOLET! Violet is the real villain! He's the true culprit! The Man with the Black Mask! The evil Mastermind of it all! OMG!!! Biggest plot twist of 2018 and of all time!

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