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SEC ETF Approval Meeting | Ethereum Panic Mode

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◆ Bitcoin ETF Meeting:
◆ Casper Maybe 2020:
◆ Ethereum 1x:
◆ Laughing Owl (Edit)
◆ Manipulation Video Clip:

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  1. Great video except 1 piece, the FUD on futures, dude, BITMEX had futures before CME/CBOE, stop saying futures are bad, futures can be used by producers to hedge against price fluctuations, producers of crude, corn, sugar, etc, have been hedging with futures for a loooooooong time.. it's not a new concept

  2. As long as Alt coins are tied into Bitcoin and not acting like free radicals you might as well stay away from crypto, no amount of snake oil or jack assing around from crypto nerds is gonna change things unless a total revamp of the approach towards crypto is re evaluated……I would sooner spend my finances on chocolate money for the festive season!

  3. Basically, if you can you should be buying every day because although the prices are down over 60% in the past year, the debt-backed fiat currencies are perhaps not long for this world and all the bubbles in stock and home prices will be popping sooner or later. The massive debasement of the USD that has happened since the FED's creation in 1913 has been a well executed plan to rob all the people of their labor and savings. We are well overdue for the next big wealth transfer such as those that happened in 2001 and 2008. Warren Buffet is just waiting patiently for the big drop. Since the 2018 dollar is worth about 3 cents of the 1913 dollar, they have executed the plan very very well. As for all the crypto exchanges and what they are actually trading, I am sure they do not have all the coins they are claiming are being traded. All the BTC would be trading about every 3 days. Impossible! They are derivatives or perhaps similar to paper bitcoins or basically simple claims on coins that may or may not exist in the exchange. If you do not have it in your hardware wallet or a paper wallet, you cannot be sure you have it. We are just trading claims on potential phantom coins. Until you move it out of the exchange, you cannot be sure you have it. It is just like gold and silver. The bear run will end eventually. Those who are throwing in the towel now at a loss are the sheep that get fleeced. Be a Warren Buffet instead if you can be.

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