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  1. 5.5 was way generous…. these step by step missions are boring AF…. let me get the head shot, multiple kills, kills etc all in on step so I can do them at the same time…. bungie is showing they really don’t give a crap about their player base, and this is just another lazy “expansion”

  2. With Destin being a part of their own Destiny podcast, I would’ve expected him to know better than to make a review now considering it’s a roll-out of content and not a traditional dlc.

  3. Tbh its not like the destiny fanbase cares about this the fact that theres something to look forward to has always been a plus its because of half assed reviews like these that the game has suffered , pointless gring is what to expect from this game you should have a destiny player doing these reviews not som cod blackout player

  4. At this point, can you say ‘surprise’ without sounding sarcastic? I think not. Kudos for all those hardcore still grinding, genuinely, you have more dedication than I did.

  5. I'm glad IGN made a realistic honest review on how repetitive every single piece of Destiny 2 DLC and the game as a whole has been thus far. If he sounds un-enthused about the review it's because the massive continuous grind one has to do in the game to be rewarded poorly with so much time investment put in. Makes sense it's why I stopped playing 6 months after release.

  6. Uh you guys do know all of the content has not come out yet right? You can't just review the expansion as a whole until all of the content is released.

  7. Can't even play because of some weird purchase error, I bought it own it but can't play it without buying again… Don't worry I've tried best I got was a gift card for value of purchase.

  8. What a worthless review. “Time will tell” continues to post full review less than one week into release that’s suppose to be dropped over months. Great logic there ??.

  9. Way to review before all content is out. Real wise on your 3 day experience on something that’s dropping loot for months to come with secrets that haven’t even been solved yet. But hey guess you’ve consumed all of the black armoury content to come to this final review score.

  10. Have to agree with everyone here. Can't really call this a definitive review when you consider the rest of the dlc coming up later in the season. I mean the grind is getting addressed for lower leveled light players on Tuesday with the new hotfix coming up. Not to mention that Bungie came clearly said that this was content being released over time. But i guess what people were saying about the player base was true: "We want our content now now now!"

  11. I know there's more parts to this dlc. But hey, why wait for the review if Bungie would rather keep their drone fans waiting for the next half of this mediocrity.

  12. Id buy it even though I know it’s bad… but it’s 70$… and Anthem.. which is made by BioWare… is coming out in 2 months .. soo.. no thank tou

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