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  1. I could forgive the weird angle and odd gameplay, but the interesting bosses and dialogue were always the selling point. A sheep man explaining video games to me isn't that creative, and we don't even get any voice acting. I understand they wanted a different style to this, saying that it's a side game, but they would get so many more points from me if they just had Robin Atkin Downes screaming "bring it on" instead of the okami/banjo kazooie noises. I've been a NMH fan since the beginning, but I'm just not behind this.

  2. Even though this is a spinoff, previous players wont be as happy with this.(I’ll support nonetheless)

    I feel it’s a bad move waiting so long to release this, especially after Smash Ultimate. I can’t see much people slow down on smash to play what some gamers would consider a “downgrade”.

    If you guys wanted a small sized travis on switch; he could of been DLC on Smash. (Still possible.)

  3. Man I love no more heroes, I wasn’t going to buy this anyway cause I don’t have a switch, but such a downgrade since the last game. It’s has none of the same charm.

  4. Dude this looks terrible the major-league down graded the game remember when was awesome on PlayStation 3 one and 2/3 one looks absolutely horrible they need to bring back voice actors and they need to fix the game play because this outer space look in the sky looks absolutely terrible and the only way this is OK is a less it’s on the vita

  5. Sad part is this looks like a really fun game and it's gonna get trashed because it's not what the fans want from NMH, they should have developed this alongside a traditional NMH i think, sorta like how Bloodstained CotM is to Bloodstained RotN.

  6. You know i really wanted to play these games on the Wii so i was excited when i heard there was a third one coming to Switch so i could jump in but this ISN'T the traditional 3D style for the series so i'm NOT BUYING!!! i'm sorry Suda-san you failed this time ?

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