Bitcoin Death Spiral…

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  1. I’ll be glad when prices crash down even more so I can build me a nice gaming pc. Hopefully this will clear out the dumb asses that are paying insane amounts for pc parts just to make a quick buck mining crypto.
    And if you want more bitcoins, just wait and you’ll be able to get them under $1,000 easy.

  2. MINERS ARE SHUTTING down, They are quiting and selling their mining rigs !
    i'm sorry @Sunny But Bitcoin can't make it this time.
    at sometime BTC will go below (1000$) and (then to 0$ obv) ….

  3. I love it. I hope the media H8 keeps pouring on for another month at least. I want to have a nice entry point around the 2500 range in Jan, when I get my Xmas bonus. Down with BTC !!! ??️?↘️☠️

  4. Your devs in discord just deleted me, for trying do dm you. I never disrespected anyone. So either it was a mistake, or part of your/their filosophy.

  5. 4:00 not really correct … they increment a counter in the block and hash again … they do not change order – that would be not beneficial because just changing the nonce makes it possible to calculate a midstate where only a small part of the block needs hashing. after incrementing the counter, they start from midstate again with new counter value and they need a lot of work less this way. changing order would make it necessary to hash the whole block again. but otherwise, nice explained

  6. Everyone thinks the mainstream is lying when they keep saying bitcoin will go down due to the history of their statement. True I get it , but they know we know that now and people will fomo in and do the opposite of what they say. But here's the catch . WHEN DO U KNOW WHEN THEY ARE TELLING THE TRUTH, JUST TO GET MORE PEOPLE TO keep CATCHing THE FALLING KNIFE ..?? ?.. in my opinion btc is still falling to at least. $2900 . OR LOWER . BE CAREFUL PEOPLE ??

  7. Less Hashpower makes it less expensive for an attacker to stage a 51% attack and do some double spends. We are still far away from such a scenario to become viable. As far as I've read even the small hash power of the BCH network (which is now even lower due to the split of ABC and SV) is still too high for a decent chance of 51% attack, unless you have unlimited money / computing power and just do screw over a crypto. But if thats your intent, there are other attack vectors far easier to achieve I suppose, including price manipulation and buying/inventing bad news.

  8. From what I understand, when less people are mining, the "difficulty" does not actually go down. The amount of work required to process a transaction remains the same. What increases is the reward because less people are mining. However, the overall time to process a transaction will likely increase with fewer miners (which overall is not good).

  9. The 12 yr old Bitcoin Millionaire Kid said its over as well He said “Bitcoin is dead, it’s too fragmented, there’s tons of infighting I just don’t think it will last,” Finman told MarketWatch. “It may have a bull market or two left in it, but long-term, its dead.” That’s a hot take coming from a guy who bought bitcoin in 2011, turning $1,000 into more than $4 million.

  10. Guys one thing to remember is what if the big spike never happened and we sit here at 3200-3500. BTC would still be considered a great investment. The powers that be pumped/dumped to discredit it as a store of value.

  11. I agree – we're not in a death spiral – but I'm also worried we have not "capitulated" yet. More or less everyone is saying they still believe 2019 will be a bull market. I'm not hearing much despondency. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

  12. Will go down further. People need to service debt. With the stock market down, that means loss of jobs, means people need to service their debt with crypto gains. More sellers inbound.

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