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  1. Damn… the doesn’t feel right at all… Aladdin is a hell of a movie, they should be more careful about how they manage these things, I mean the original will still be there, but this has or had the potential of being something amazing. I don’t know about you hahh.. but to me, that’s the fresh genie of bell air right there… I bet he even raps in the movie.

  2. They CGI almost everything in movies now Why!! couldnt they just CGI Genie? I Love Will Smith Hes an Awesome actor but!! Robin Williams as Genie is irreplaceable!! Always!! In my heart Robin Williams is Genie.

  3. I'm pretty sure he'll be blue but only in his genie form(And if you look at his hands it hints that its still possible.) The Only reason he doesn't look blue right now is cause he's likely in his Human Form.

  4. if a dude who look like took a dip on toilet cleaner, walking around agrabah that should raise flag all over the place, even the cartoon version he was in disguise, not until he was set free and everyone know him is a genie that he stop having to disguise his skin to look human…that and it save the animator time and money to color a lot of different colors during his impersonations of every known celebrity at that time. My biggest gripe is his main costume, i know they try to make him look closely as possible during not in his cgi moment, but it hurt my eyes, ''Once upon a time'' costume for genie was more subtle to the eye. I hope that he do impersonation and in costume for it as well…if he even does impersonation at all in the movie.

  5. is ovious he would look human for most of the film, that was he can be in public more and get more screen time, like in the prince ali song he looked human so he could be in public

  6. Feel like most people didn't even watch the part of the vid where will said on his Insta that for the most part he will be cgi and that is was just him in his human form

  7. If you ask me Genie should be blue discreetly but when he is tagging along with Aladdin and Abu in public he should blend in with the common folk. Makes sense right?

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