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  1. World at war was probably MY last favorite competitive fps game. I loved cod4 modern warfare i get some nostalgia watching this i wonder how different it will look in a few more updates!

  2. I really hope they bring back original maps (or at least make ones that resemble the original style much more). Although they had their own problems mainly because of the limitations of the source engine, they were far better designed, lacked random no go zones and overall, on average were much more cohesive. Im a huuge fan of the original, but the maps are what ruined half the fun for me. I really didnt know how important they were in a shooter like this until now. So I warn you, even if you loved the original you may be very disappointed (depending on what you expected from the sequel ofcourse).

  3. Having played just Insurgency and not the Sandstorm version i must say its very similar but looks cleaner and some more content so i would get. Just have to save some money to get it now Ha ha

  4. All FPS player fans must play this game…. it’s so satisfying and intense!!

    Be warned, you’ll probably get shell shock from the in game sound effects XD

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