Why Bitcoin Next MAJOR Move Will Be Both Incredible & Terrifying (Btc crypto crash news today)


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My Website – Learn To Trade Crypto Like A PRO!
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  1. Such a good guy…no doubt. I just finished his classes and WOW. I can tell you that the classes are amazing and the process is simple. You learn to control emotion because you lear to see the big picture and you realize you are not missing the future moves. You know when to make the move.

  2. Thanks for another enlightening video Steve, really appreciate the time and energy you put in for the Crypto Crew.

    Regarding the end section what about, Real talk/ Get real/ Real time with Steve

  3. hey steve, I'am from Germany and I thinking of buy a class. But my problem is, I don't know how good i will understand u in your Classes… My English is not bad but I'm a little bit scared of buying classes I don't understand. Your Videos on Youtube are easy to understand but is there any way to get a sample of a class ?

  4. Steve Great Video love the extended detail you've been putting in, I've been sharing these with everyone. Can you do a prediction on a top for Eth? Seems like the pull back was more extreme looking left I was having a hard time identifying long term support level

  5. Hi Steve! I've currently got about $1600 invested in NEO and have been using fibonacci to accumulate more and more. Not necessarily betting on it getting back to its ATH, but that would make for over a 26x gain! This is just my gameplan 😉 Also, I just bought into your class, you seem to be an awesome teacher!! Love you always.

  6. It's interesting that whenever there are drops, everyone talks about the decline of cryptocurrencies. Was it the same when the stock market in the last weeks when there were such big drops? Probably not. So I'm looking at the future with positive thoughts. I've invested in the FuturoCoin altcoin (good exchange rate now due to BTC crash) and I hope it will bring me profits.
    What do you think about investing in alt coins now? The prices of them are very favorable now due to the correlation with BTC and BTC price crash.

  7. Great video Steve! Thanks. Would love to see that video where you think things are shaping up for the next major down cycle. Would also love to hear your thoughts on LTC, THETA and DGB. Just purchased and started your courses. Very excited! Thank you!

  8. At 19:22 when Steve takes a measured move of the next high he goes beyond the actual body of the candlestick to get a measurement of "around 41 42%" when it should have been around half of what he measured. Am I missing something? Other than that Steve is great, only TA on crpyto I actually watch

  9. Ok awesome, awesome Steve, going to sign up for pro with you… I need to see what you see b4 the herd…love your work. Thx so much for all you do… cheers

  10. Steve, just completed your int+adv class. I have to say that this style of teaching is by far better than i have ever seen. I have paid more for and got less from others. The way you speak slow and focused is amazing. The content is great and understandable. Im new to your youtube channel and its now my fav crypto channel. You should call your end segment, "the fireside chat" because its a warm message, more human oriented, such as the last thoughts you might have before ending the day.

  11. Great Idea, make some extra videos.
    I have got some topics to cover…
    Will we be able to compare last bull market with next one coming, like we do now with bear market ?.
    Btc Dominance, when altcoins will go on a rally again ?
    How much time possibly new bull market will last ?

    Thank You Steve if You decide to cover one of this topics.

    Peace and love ! ?

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