Bitcoin Maximalist freaks out completely!

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About the Author: sunny decree


  1. He is totally right we don’t have to have a winner

    Winning will be all crypto together been used world wide that’s the winner crypto wins over regular fist system

    These dumb tech guys so blind to see it, I do agree with the car . Makes total sense

    BTC and it is a technology

  2. Does Gold have mass adoption ? …. because I who is someone who has only been into crypto a year see's bitcoin as a store of wealth….i don't pop to shops to spend some Gold….i don't transfer BTC much because it's so slow….but I hold it…just like i have done with Gold….but i have bought things with LTC….like i do with fiat…..its not for this group of giuys here to decide who has won and who has not….its for the wider mainstream public… hasn't taken off yet…crypto to me isnt mainstream…there's no mass adoption as yet….i sat down over xmas dinner with family and spoke about crypto…i got my brother a KeepKey….no one in that that house knew what a crypto wallet was or what a seed sentence was….never mind using crypto to buy and pay for things….

    Crypto maybe 10 years old now….but the truth is its very new….its an idea people struggle with….people are scared of….it will take a long time for the mainstream mass adoption in my mind to appear….and when new people search for info on BTC and such like…these fools in this vid are maybe what they find….

    I think Btc will boom again in 3 years time and a repeat of late 2017- early 2018 will occur…The media will be all over it like before …..newbies will get sucked in and buy to near or at the top….and get burnt….just like the 100,000's in early 2018 did…..that then leaves a sour taste and removes masses of people from the space again…..and the cycle will then repeat every 3 years…..

    Getting mass adoption in crypto is going to be a difficult thing to obtain….because its ruled by whales and goverments…..and banks.

  3. This is what is stupid about this space. Bitcoin maximalists and tribalism is ruining it. Everyone needs to chill out FFS!
    Is bitcoin the one to rule them all, it might be but in future who knows really. What will be will be, so let it be.
    My precioussssssss.

  4. this is why i left bitcoin – holier than thou, domineering, incredulous at YOUR stupidity, cry to the government for protection…wait for lightning they say, what a joke…

  5. Sadly I think Jimmy is behaving like a spoiled child. Jason has a point and sadly none of them let him finish his sentence or manage to give a good answer. They just yelling…

  6. I agree with Jason here. JIMMY doesnt understand that money itself is a technology. The evolution of money has been technological advancements we've found to harden the money. We use technology for money.

  7. sunny decree why arent they discussing the important things, like, for instance, how none of that matters because XRP will go to the moon and leave bitcoin behind?

  8. Sunny….this is pure gold. Thanks for sharing I probably would have missed it and I learned sooooo much from this. I’ve had to watch it several times. You rock!

  9. bitcoin = casino

    casino = bank always wins

    crypto people = junkies

    price of bitcoin = opium for the junkies

    thats all to say abouth it, dont worry you will get 1 bitcoin for 1 dollar and less soon

  10. Silly BTC maximalists, crypto is the internet of money. What would the internet be with one website? Keep open mind in investing in crypto thats what gonna pay off. And always that same old discussions with Tone Vays and others convincing people, BTC is "okay" but there's room for more cars on the highway. Great content Sunny, cheers guys.

  11. Playing a clip of another video for your entire video…you can't seriously expect us to let that go unnoticed…lmao…thats not content…but hey whateve kept me from watching another vid…really tho? Link it, cut it.. go to other topics…

  12. BTC and any POW coin are easy to destroy with small effort, and when gov and people that own this world decide it will be destroyed and replaced like petro so go ahead, but averange people must first pump money into this coin that this colapse make them poor, beacuse poor people agree for a lot of rules. Thats how they work, so good luck 4all and happy new year 🙂

  13. What are you talking about? Those guys are humans, and their behavior wouldn't help or harm Bitcoin in any way. LOL, don't overreact!! A discussion is more interesting when its heating up, and everything is good as long as they keep smiling.

  14. Jason won out in the argument because Jimmy ends up saying that Yes, its a technology then money… but in a general way.

    This was stupid to have it in the open, it does hurt it because people are investing into a project where people are arguing like this.

    Jason's point flew over their heads and while they are saying Bitcoin isn't a car as to use as a comparison, his argument was more general. If something does what Bitcoin does but faster and better, then why wouldn't someone go and use that instead? If something is cheaper, etc.

    The same way that the Model T was what it was and better ones, improved versions of the car concept, came out and beat it out… that can be said for the Phone, Computer, Etc. Pick anything you want.

  15. I did not see anybody freaking out at least in this interval of the video. A guy coursing and yelling does not mean is freaking out!!!

  16. In my view, Jason and Jimmy are both right and both wrong. Jason is right on the technological part since there has to be an improvement on the BTC network in order for it to grow, be safe, avoid hacks, blockchains, mining equipment, Lightning Network, etc. There has to be an improvement over what the network and BTC does and is used for. Otherwise, it will be quickly outgrown by other projects and cryptos and rendered obsolete. Jimmy is right in the fact that it is a technology that is being used to replace/modify money. BTC itself came to the light exactly during the financial crisis of 2008. So, they both have a point. That is because it is both a technology invention/inovation AND a monetary revolution. To only view it as one or the other IS what is wrong. Also, I am not surprised that this thing went south because it is very clear that NVK, Jason, and Jimmy are people that they will NOT listen to other people's viewpoints, meditate on it, check if it is right or wrong or even be mentally flexible to accept another point of view. Their own viewpoint is the ONLY viewpoint. That is what is wrong

  17. Cat fight! Watching those 5 men rant against each other, makes me imagine putting my ex girlfriends into a debate with each other. Some…mild mannered and classy. Some… foul mouthed, loud, and brains explode when another point of view presented.

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