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  1. I would give it an 8.4 or 8.5 instead in my opinion cuz it’s real ppl, for being a f2p game I played it non-stop at times n I still play not just for but also trying to reach the top of the “Tower of Barbs” as well ???☕️??

  2. What's this? A relatively positive review on a game with a premium currency?

  3. Lmao a 6.4? He must have only gone to floor 10 max. Those first 10 floors help you learn the concept of the game and of course the start is going to be rough. Around floor 20+ is when things get good, better weapons, decals, armor, etc. There's decals that increase the durability on weapons and helmets that increase armor durability. Plus this game isn't something you should rush, it's a game of constant farming and progressing when your items are strong. For now raid wise I've been raided twice in the past 3 weeks so it's not common like it was last year. But overall I think this game is an 8.

  4. Honestly, some of those reviews were given too early in the game to determine if it was actually good or not. An 7.5 or 8 would have been absolutely understandable, but you just need to get better at certain things, cause it continues to get extremely more difficult as you move on.

  5. Let it die is a game for pro gamers IGN yall probably didn't even made it out of the D.O.D area…. noobs the game is easy if you know how to "PLAY IT THE RIGHT WAY"

  6. I actually like when a character dies you have to choose another one, i like the whole multiple characters thing, and then you gotta get them back fighting them with the now newer character, that is actually pretty fun

  7. Worst review ever. Give me your job. Like honestly the reviewer has played this for a afternoon and went yep I can write review now. As many others have said you didn’t even pass 10th floor, your information is wrong and completely misleading. Anyone who has actually given this game a fair go knows this is the worst simplistic review ever. I just think this guy was reviewing a few games so probably played each for a few hours thinking he’s some gaming god and not the gaming noob he is. Pathetic review.

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