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  1. Please be informed that Exploride has closed shopped. They have not fulfilled any customer requests for preorders.the customer care is unresponsive and refunds of the pre orders are far from a reality. Looks like a group of customers are filing a lawsuit

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  3. Range Rover has built in camera anyway lol also I have a cctv camera that runs by motion and infrared £169 it’s brilliant but it’s the app subscription am I heck paying £34 per month

  4. Just more crap so people can keep their eyes off the road.. A lot of the people on the roads today have a hard time driving as is, more distractions are the last thing needed..

  5. 1 VAVA. ok yeah i like it everyone should have a dash cam. 2 exploride. my cheap ass focus can do all that and the controls are on the wheel. 3 ZUS. just no. 4 Fobo any car newer then 2009 will have this already in the form of a warning light. 5 bluejay. its an ok looking phone mount…

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