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  1. I’m actually pissed off I didn’t see Fortnight as an option. This is advanced gaming and you don’t have a single first person shooter? I’m appalled.

  2. UnspeakableGaming i learned so much from you thank i really appreaciatte it thanks so much i really really really appreiciate it then i tought if i could be a youtuber like you that would be so awesome like being famous and so your awesome

  3. UnspeakableGaming i was wondering if you want to start a cracked server cause i dont have original mc i would like to help the server if you would like i would like to be Admin Or Head Admin or Mod i can help you but i cant donate because im from the philiphines My username is Mr_KillShot

  4. Why not until dawn it's the best game ever and it's MAJER horror. Also the last of us and the walking dead!!! Please please please if those games were on it than that would literally be my whole life!!! ?

  5. In japan they are developing a Virtual Reality MMORPG game called Sword Art Online based on the Anime, Sword Art Online. Sadly its only open to Japan Citizens for development

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