9 New Tata Cars and Crossovers with Cheap Prices and Good Looks in 2019

Tata is a rapidly expanding car maker from India that thirty years ago became the first manufacturer to deliver a competitive indigenous automobile. The overwhelming majority of Tata’s automobiles are sold domestically, but nowadays, the company’s name is familiar to both local and international buyers, especially that the fact that the British premium car maker Jaguar Land Rover is currently owned by them. In this video we would like to review Tata’s latest newcomers as well as interesting offerings in the #ATcars2019 lineup. You are watching #AutomotiveTerritoryDailyNews .

The entire playlist about 2019 cars from other manufacturers – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJZPVWPQcnQ&list=PLouyd8mRhOO7KDhZMYTpvi3n8Pb6nnjqN

0:42 #1 2019 Tata Harrier

2019 Tata Harrier is an all-new compact SUV by the brand that is expected to set the benchmark for the class with its new OMEGA Arc platform based on Land Rover’s D8 architecture. It powered by the Kryotec 2.0 L Turbocharged diesel delivering 138 hp and 350 Nm of max output.

1:52 #2 2019 Tata Tiago NRG

The manufacturer describes this hatchback as a toughroader, which is marketed to those drivers who enjoy Tiago’s humble size and fuel economy, but at the same time require additional features to tackle roads with poor paving.

2:59 #3 2019 Tata Nexon

The Nexon was Tata’s first attempt to step into the field of subcompact crossovers under 4 meters long and right from the start it became a hit.

4:10 #4 2020 Tata E-Vision Sedan

India is among those countries that will greatly benefit from electric transport, so domestic automakers like Tata are steadily preparing for the transition. The E-Vision Sedan is the proclamation of the future Impact Design 2.0.

5:20 #5 2019 Tata Hexa

Tata Hexa is Tata’s flagship SUV and one of its best-selling models. It comes with a 2.2L VARICOR 4-Cyl Diesel that has two outputs, 150 horses and 320 Nm or 156 hps and 400 Nm. The SUV is available in four trim levels and two seat layouts.

6:34 #6 2019 Tata Tigor

For 2019, Tata Tigor sedan gets an exterior facelift along with some interior changes. A newly introduced XZ+ luxury trim houses a 7-inch Touchscreen Infotainment and premium sound system by Harman.

7:44 #7 2018 Tata Yodha

Tata Yodha is a versatile and off-road capable pick-up truck that sits on a 4mm chassis frame, has 210 mm of ground clearance, and depending on the modification, up to 55% gradability when fully loaded.

8:51 #8 2019 Tata Tiago

This compact hatchback is among Tatas latests additions to the lineup, so it feels fresh, technologically savvy and very much appealing both exterior and interior wise.

9:58 #9 2019 Tata JTP Tigor and Tiago

JT special vehicles is a performance brand formed by Tata Motors and Jayem Automotives. The goal of this venture is to bring back the joy of motoring.


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