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  1. I'm here after listening to their podcast on "The Christian Rock 20". I'm so glad I did because this group is incredible!!! Great video guys! ????

  2. This is incredible! Especially after halfway through! I'm loving the vocals and the energy of this band! It's right up there with Stryper and Whitecross as my favorite heavenly metal bands

  3. OMGOSH!!! You guys rock so hard, on so many levels. I love you guys and the message your bringing. Keep rockin' and singing for the Lord!

  4. New album is the BEST to date! Love the way you have Jesus Is King in the lyrics too. Love the smashing of the things that so easily beset us. Amazing message guys.BRAVO

  5. This is what I'm talking about! Those beats makes me wanna power on through my workout at the gym. Lovin' the new album. BEST of the year in my opinion.

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