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  1. This guy is ok with The Division’s violence where humans shoot humans, but not okay with MK’s cartoon violence that no human could pull off. Ok

  2. AC not worth $60 because it’s 50 hours. Odyssey alone is over 100 hours and that is before the dlc. The dlc is well worth the price. Please don’t speak about games you have no clue about. I know you played it but must have not paid attention or skipped a lot.

  3. Love the show as always! Small note for Sam: The term you are looking for when asking whether the game was released on a "laser-read disc-based medium" is an optical disc or a game released on optical media.

  4. for me personally they are messing up mortal kombat how can you take run out of mortal kombat that is what separate the game from other fighting game i dont play injustice 2 because i dont like it because the game is too slow this mortal kombat feel just like injustice 2

  5. The free Galaga game was after 250 rounds I thought. at that point, the arcade owner should just be happy that the quarter box is pretty full.
    Besides, the free game was made really hard. Didn't last more than a minute or two.

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