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  1. As much as I feel this is going to be a let down as much as it has been hyped over the last 3-4 years, I do think its going to be fun. I'm going in not expecting a tight knit story, graphics, or anything like Spiderman, LoU, or GoW. I do expect it will be something (i hope) that we haven't been able to experience before on a console with the amount of on screen zombies.

  2. I watched a gameplay video of the survival map about 6 months ago and from the footage shown here it looks like there have been massive improvments in virtually every aspect. I'm feeling a lot more hopeful that this game will turn out great after watching this video and hearing the experiences of the fans.

  3. I noticed that when firing the AR 15 no expended shell casings were ejecting from the firearm! I hope this is an early build and this will be in the full version. If not that's a detail that will bug the hell out of me.

  4. Sad to see that there are so many Publishers afraid to have their Developers release a Demo for their Games to the Public ever since the whole Dead Space 3 ordeal, you Publishers can argue as much as you want but the Demo isn't what killed Dead Space 3 it was just the Game design itself and by not releasing a Playable Demo to the Public you are just proving my point that you have no faith in your Games, so why should i?

  5. Only Sony can up the hype to full blast on a game that looked meh on reveal.

    I always had faith in Days Gone.

    Sony will take nothing less than a masterpiece.

  6. Too many people are working overtime trying to discredit this game as "generic zombie game" this is a similar tone that Capcom tried to go with Dead Rising 3 and they fell flat on their face trying to achieve that.

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