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  1. AMD GREAT JOB !! that’s what kids love interesting new ways of teaching bring this in all schools and get rid of the teachers lol!
    Just kidding???

  2. Virtual reality isn’t so much a new buzz word in the world of online education as a long-held science fiction dream that is rapidly coming to life. There is something unquestionably exciting about the prospect of an immersive, interactive environment that you can experience without leaving the comfort of your living room. And while current technology has yet to become mainstream, the headway augmented reality has made indicates that full VR won’t be far behind.
    For online educators, the possibilities are tantalizing. It seems very clear that early adaptors who are able to find a creative effective means of employing this technology in education have an opportunity to move ahead of — and stand out from — the competition.

  3. Greetings.
    We are a company based in Saudi Arabia that would like to partner with your esteemed company to utilize your immersive VR education tool to market and apply it here among schools in Saudi using our connections to the ministry of education.

    Is there a room of cooperation could be for both of us to execute such a project?

    Aziz Salama
    Managing partner

  4. Dear AMD,
    I came across this video today and I am kindly asking your permission to use this video on our school project promoting our advocacy "the use of vr in school" . We wont earn any money from this, just for educational purposes (being students i mean) and we will live a link to this video and channel. (we/ I dont want to steal anothers content thats why i am asking for permission)

  5. I am trying to teach students how to use and create VR and am looking for any curriculum/resources. Does anyone know of any resources to teach VR (creation, authoring etc?)

  6. im looking into starting a V-r school for the challenged .my son has autisum so yes better way to teach him for he is more visual then verbal for now but this is incouraging

  7. Beautiful – I can only imagine how technology like this, made affordable and available, could allow our children to revolutionize the world – it would also allow a more personal connection from reality to digital reality, meaning there would be more feeling of personal responsibility for what's said to one another in the VR <3

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