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  1. Just another Rockstar game, which all play out roughly the same way, y'all sheep could have just got the first game and it'd be the same

  2. not many people may agree with me. RDR2 was my personal favorite game of the year. Before I continue, you should be aware that this is an opinion.

    potential spoilers:

    I enjoyed the slow-paced nature of the game as it took its time unraveling the story and characters. I especially loved the small moments spent with the gang. I would return to camp pretty much every night to listen to the campfire tunes and just take in the atmosphere. I also loved Arthur so much as he transformed from a staunch subordinate to Dutch into a self-thinking, righteous human being. It was very satisfying seeing and experiencing him develop over time. Sadie Adler is a badass btw. Last but not least, I enjoyed the epilogue as it was one of the most bitter-sweet moments in the game, as we all know what ultimately happens to John and Abigail alike. This game broke my heart in more ways than I could have imagined, but also made me laugh. It was an experience I wish I could relive again for the first time. But thats only MY opinion.

  3. I didn’t like this game the first 30 minutes, but as I trudged through the snow (literally) it eventually got better. Arthur was a great character to bond with, and the map was absolutely stunning. Deserves the praise.

  4. Doubt we getting single player, no sure what open world games I want now. Waiting on Watch Dogs 3 or even Bully 2 if they truly are coming

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