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  1. Editor's Note: This review has been updated to correct a factual error regarding the way you unlock the 2nd Game mode, and as a result, the score has been increased from 8.8 to 9.0. We regret the error and really like Resident Evil 2.

  2. That's kind of a disappointment and a shame that both campaigns play out similarly. I guess capcom had to get lazy somewhere. I remember the original game both discs played out differently dialogue and all but this one dude dialogue is the same. Shame

  3. this game is trash , and mr x is annoying , he followers you around the whole time and you

    cant even kill him , and you walk all by yourself , resident evil 5 and 6 are way better and have

    teams not just one person

  4. I've waited for this remake for far too long and I've been asking for it since they did it to part 1 for the GameCube and I'll be playing it four separate times

  5. 9/10 Bumbag too small and you can see Claire Redfield's icky bits. Ada Wong's dress is too tight. Leon bad because he is a toxic male in blue. Would have been a 10/10 otherwise – IGN

  6. The only Resident Evil game I played was RE7 from 1.2017. Should I consider getting RE2 not knowing anything about RE1 and the rest? I really like the horror story genre.

  7. I miss the days where you have no idea bout the game till you play it. Game is not even out theres already tons of reviews and first 15/30min. I don’t watch em just saying…

  8. Kinda wish we would’ve got a Resident Evil 1 remake first. Here’s hoping to that, 3 and 4. I know 4 has ok graphics but would love an hd version with new graphics.

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