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  1. Been trying to post this video all day but youtube wasnt allowing uploads for some reason. Please hit that like button or leave a comment if you see this. GIANT THANK YOU!!! <3

  2. I lost faith on every media outlet in the web. I watch reviews of awesome YouTubers like you. I'm only subscribed to IGN for game reveals and release dates and Gamespot just for the FAQs and Board Helps if there is no video on how to get a specific item or unlockable.

  3. All Gaming Media Sites are Bought and Paid for by gaming companies and now on top of that are SJWs CATERS so anyone that takes them seriously is a Complete MORON unfortunately those are 80-90% of "gamers" now a days but thats what todays TV Media and Social Media does to ppl KIDS just dont have a chance and unfortunately they grow up to be Even Bigger MORONS

  4. I want to get into gaming journalism

    Also all the IGN comments section seem to be nowadays are horny 12 yrs old schoolboys for over That Syndy Goodman. The IGN comments section has become a complete cespool now as a result

  5. I cant stand how IGN does reviews. I understand that they are trying to cover as much as possible but at the same time that is their downfall, and then to top it off (especially in JRPGs) they started forcing BS political correctness and their opinions became just straight up annoying. Not to mention it feels like they just bring in completely random people that have no prior experiences in any of the franchises that they are reviewing.

    Go to Gameranx, GameXplain or other youtube channels instead. They are much better. (Edit : Or Dreamcast guy!)

  6. Im still convinced that you Sir are Simon Pegg

    I don’t know how you do it but you look almost exactly like him, that’s why I watched one of your videos on the first place.

    After two more videos you had me as subscriber … thanks for those awesome videos

  7. They don't cover many games now. If it's a AAA game you can probably find it on there but they would rather cover TV shows. They lost focus and just try to cover everything. If game of Thrones has a new episode that's all you can find on the site. They should be reviewing VR games, Indy games any kind of Game, That's why people go to your site.

  8. I personally don’t trust or bother to read/watch any “corporation” reviews for this reason.

    Once you find individuals like yourself Dreamcastguy, there’s just no comparison. Your honest, genuine and actually care to be thorough with the content you put out.

    Thanks for all the hard work you do sir!

  9. Yeah, I actually read the review of Resident Evil 2 Remake on their website and saw all these crossed out sentences 🙄🙄🙄.WTH IGN, crap like this would not fly if I did this with my college papers 🤦🏻‍♂️. False information and the reviewer couldn’t even figure out how to access scenario B lol.

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