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  1. This is the man who created/invented Mortal Kombat. Somehow his net worth is only 10 mil (according to google). Someone please explain

  2. Love all the MK games…old enough to played every single ones….still has the 1-2-3 on PS3. Wondering how far this series will go story wise??? The time is the only way they can play & reverse the some old characters just like the already dead Shao Khan…or maybe Shang T’Sung…

  3. Interesting. So with Kronika was the mastermind of it all. That means if she restarts time all the characters come back. Including Scropions dead form. Liu Kang and Kung Lao human forms come back. Story might be interesting.

  4. I wish they can remove the groogy state because it's so awkward specially with this high detail of gameplay nowadays. It's more realistic when the opponent is just laying down in pain and just grabbing it while waiting for finishers. I wish they can do that for the final release. Pls. Ed boon 🙂

  5. Geras needs to be his own BOSS i had a feeling his roll was a slave and i was absolutely correct now how bad it comes across and how far they take it is he completely weak or some what has a spine?? i bet Jax ain't even in the game ???

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