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  1. The loudmouthed SJWs win again. Great job Ubisoft… f your actual customers, listen to "game journalists" and "bloggers", cause that's more important T_T

  2. Doesn't matter who criticises, but at some point Ubisoft should say "No, this is our game, our vision, and if you don't like the story twists, you don'T like it". I mean there aren't 25 different version of each movie. Someone had an artistic idea and everyone else managed to get along with it

  3. A little sad, but I did find the ending kinda "meh" for the DLC so far. Not sure how I feel about Ubisoft taking some players to feedback that far. I mean, it's a storytelling "issue" (which was not much of an issue just a little weird imo) and not a bug or a gameplay problem. In other words, I am not sure if it was worth re-exploring for a fix. DLC aside, the main game is pretty darn good and worth playing through.

  4. I saw people saying "I don't want my Kassandra to go through the pains of childbirth!", "You're making me choose when you pushed Kassandra to be a strong lesbian hero!" "#notmykassandra". I saw loads of these comments and people saying it wasn't due to SJW's or snowflakes? Yes it was, it highly was, could they have had more choices in it and maybe done a bit better, sure. But don't just fall back on "cause you said it's all about player choice". lol no, you all just want it your way. The entire game was about your choices but the dlc is about continuing the legacy of your family and the other dude. It's literally in the title of the DLC. It had to happen at some point but cause you live your life one way you think developers should have to compromise their creative freedom to appease you.

  5. The guy with the hidden blade doesn't even have it the way it's supposed to be so probably at the end the hidden blade will be switched around starting the ways of the iconic hidden blade with Ezio's family Assassin's Creed II themed Odyssey Edition playing in the background just like Origins

  6. Before u play every assassin creed it warns u not to be butt hurt…. now lets protest and criticize them for changing it so we can have and option to download the patch or not… go ahead waste time, time u could be using to compete the dlc

  7. I think they should change the whole game. Just turn the entire game to a video of paint drying because that is more amusing than playing another AC game. They are just… terrible games now.

  8. Stop giving into the 1 percent. Just make the game you want. If they don't like it then oh well. Getting sick of this catering to cry babies. The game is awesome the way it is

  9. Are they mad cause they were forced into a relationship or they're mad cause it's a straight relationship? Some clarification is required. How will this afect the future DLCs

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