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  1. I care about metacritic, its more than 90 reviews per game, some reviews are bad, but the score represent the game, Zelda BOTW (9.7), Crackdawn 2 (6.1), Sea of thieves (6.9), Gear 4 (8.4), looks god to me. Maybe i will like a 6.0 game (MAYBE), but why the risk, i dont have 1000$ to spent por month, i can buy 1 or 2 games per month max.

  2. The score doesn't matter to me at all. I do old school research on the games I want to play by watch different youtubers and reading up on the game in can before it comes out

  3. they're PAID to give reviews, that's why they remove themselves from relevancy. only us, the people passionate about games and have an extensive history of compare and contrasting games with our own money, understand what gamers really care about.

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