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  1. I used to own some old thinkpad laptops and they wore thick and me and my friends used to call it thickpad and I never can see that logo different since.

  2. We have seen laptops getting more and more powerful but still very small. When will we see a 20"-25" screen on a laptop? More space for the hardware, and could still be very thin. Phones are growing why not laptops?

  3. Lenovo unanimously has the best Kexboards of any laptops. Period.
    I have used them for two years and they simply overmatch any Apple, Sony, Dell, H&P or Huawei Keyboard that I tried. So for all Mac Users who want to get into windows, Lenovo is expensive, but their keyboards are best. What is your dream laptop?

  4. Hey Lou,do wanna just toss me that uh, old X1 carbon saying you don't need it??
    Family is pretty poor and I've been looking for a good laptop.

  5. Thanks for the dongle link you left with the international guys. (I’m Canadian, I know you are too). I want the laptop but I keep choosing the link and getting a dongle. Lou, you’re not on your game!

  6. There's not a single Thinkpad fan out there who looks at a new model and thinks "this baby's speakers are gonna be lit." We know they'll suck. That's not why we're buying these

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