Bitcoin’s Bull Market 2019 Cycle, including Litecoin (Bo Polny)

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  1. and jesus told the disciples heal the sick raise the dead cleanse the lepers and cast out demons, freely you have received freely give……

  2. More and more I hear people talking/whispering Litecoin. It's highly-vetted and in right place/time with the Lightning Network to be most logical choice as a means of exchange. Not only that, it has a solid, powerful community. Bullish. Thanks, Bo!

  3. Bitcoin has reached another bottom, so you need to buy and invest your money in the crypto economy? What is the best cryptocurrency exchange and exchanger now?

  4. We need a real hard bitcoin run soon . Or the investors will lose interest. We are getting our butts chewed off for along time

  5. bottom is in since the majority of semi-professional youtube charters expect btc to go sub 3k even to sub 1k; those are the short sellers close to 3k and will be squeezed out severely, this can put the price even above 10k, leaving all the sceptics behind, then there is no free lunch and no one can spot bottom. Btw: if you leave your coins on exchanges, they are loaned to the institutional short sellers, better you take the material off the market, the sooner the short sellers will be sequeezed out.. I always keep my private keys in cold wallet, S nano ledger or trezor wallet.

  6. There won’t be a bull market in 2019. The bull market will start in 2020. This year will be a consolidation year with mostly sideways movement. Litecoin will be the one of best moving coins of the year I agree with that.

  7. Great work No, appreciate your cycle analysis. You got some right, some wrong, you nailed the stock market on CNBC. Who am I to judge you on the ones you got wrong.

    The big boys of Wall Street have prepared for May to July start of bull run. That is why Bakkt, CBOE ETF are delayed.

    The May to July timeframe also takes account of the Mt Box of and distributions, some basic regulations infrastructure may be built. All the promised Q1 launches by Wall Street boys maybe delayed to this timeframe. Time will tell.

    Unless Russia or Venezuela or Iran dump ten of billions in Bitcoin and spoil the party will an early bull run.

    Nothing will happen before May 2019. That is my opinion.

    Someone said, " When the big boys miss a train, they bring back the train to their station, when ordinary people miss train, they wait for athe next train" This is illustrative that now is the greatest opportunity of all time, buy the dips, take profits in increments and not wait for all time high.

    Look at Bitcoin monthly chart, you will see that current prices are pre-2017 bull run prices, they are bringing back the train to their station as they missed it in 2017. Let us enjoy the ride.

    Humble opinion.

    ETF is a tool to bring back the missed 2017 rain to their station. A postponement is intended to bring the price down more and delay time until the set time by the big boys.

    The big boys are really cocky, arrogant and just clumsy. Be as it may, they do not care, they have the tools to bring back the missed train, control its speed, and destination.

    Soon they will lose control unexpectedly, always an inside job.

  8. Got my short in DOW on Friday after the good NFP numbers ramp up. Didn't reach 25200 but came close enough – short @ 25140 (had higher shorts at 25160 and 25180 but took profit on them). Fingers crossed high is in.

  9. I think he's right concerning litecoin. As far as bitcoin, that's a given it will automatically rise in price once the manipulation is curved.

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