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  1. This exactly the 6 reasons why i cancelled my preorder + the loading screens ( feels old just look at how destiny make it smoother) loading screens in the middle of your mission don’t feel right 😉

  2. What we really need is for Anthem to be playable offline. Let's be honest, is Bioware really going to maintain the servers for the next 1, 2, 5, 10 years?

  3. BRO…IGN is really just a gimmick channel now. Like explain to me why are you asking for things in the game. That they clearly said they were adding to the game. Literally the first thing you mentioned on your video…was being able to move faster in the "Fort" They literally have been saying that in the full game it will be changed???

  4. Make the game less like fortnite campaign. Load in and drop in a world that you're limited on what and where you can go. I was waiting for this game for 2 years and I'm so disappointed, that I'm not getting it

  5. I think everything that was mentioned in this video except for the last thing has been discussed or mentioned by the devs. IGN has so much power on this platform, it's sad that they don't use this to weigh in on more meaningful things like PVP, melee weapons, or the difficulties. Way to waste a video. I guess it's wrong of me to assume you guys know about the video game you're talking about.

  6. 6 things to change:
    Make it a Mass Effect
    Make it a Dragon Age
    Make a Star Wars Knights of the old Republic
    Make it a Jade Empire
    Make it (choose any 2 of your favourite games)

  7. I want decent endgame content, not those three strongholds and daily mission. And i want weapons looks and feel different from each other, not like it’s one model for all guns in the game!

  8. saw the title and was thinking that this was going to be just 6 things i dont mind having in the game but as it turns out i agree with everything… why dou you have to start so far away from the javelin?!?!?! server crashes happen, shure… but dont make me wait 2 minutes to get back into the game just so i can WALK AT THE SLOWEST SPEED EVER RECORDED TO MAN for 3 minutes back to the forge! please!!

  9. I love Mass effect and dragon age. I played the Anthem demo it was fun, it just wasn't for me, like Warframe, the Division, fortnite, and Destiny aren't for me, it doesn't mean they are bad games, it's just not what want play. People should enjoy what they want and I hope Anthem fans are happy and enjoy themselves playing it. Hopefully, Bioware "A TEAM" finishes the launch of this game, then they can focus on Dragon Age 4.

  10. I agree with the other changes, but I don’t think world events should be visible to all players on that map. It’s satisfying to come across one on your own and take it out, without others just coming in and also getting the loot. More events would be great though.

  11. Wow way to not do any research and bash an unreleased game. They have already addressed every one of these issues other than “fire bad”.
    We don’t need weapon swapping slowing down the pace and stand around for minutes after every firefight as people cycle threw inventories.

  12. 6 Changes I want from IGN
    1: Actually review video games
    2: Only review video games
    3: Stop forcing your opinions on others
    4: Stop posting reviews before its released
    5: Stop trying to ride the apolitical train
    6: Do your job with passion, for gamers.

  13. The only thing I agreed with on this list is the swimming lmao. Fire isn't too bad, loot drops & gearing are just fine. It rains loot anyways & the last thing I need is someone loot gazing in the middle of a Stronghold or leaving cause they got the one piece they needed. Be smart about gearing when leaving for missions ??‍♂️.

  14. This is a flying game we aren’t meant to swim, Javelins are made of what material you put on it not just metal. Let the game release before making this video ya nob

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