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  1. You don't cover the Motorola G7 launch?
    Marques, I've been a fan for years but you just don't cover normal tech anymore. You cover this super high end crazy niche market where a "bargain" phone is $500. You're starting to be more like Unbox Therapy, only covering what you would personally consider. I'm starting to get disappointed in what you cover. No windows, no Motorola, no options for the average joe.
    I don't have $30k to spend on a robot camera. C'mon dude. Cover the lambos but also the Echo Dots.

  2. Wait a sek… He doesn't use whatsapp? This makes me wonder… Is my perception wrong and there are actually power users that don't use whatsapp? I'm serious, I'm from Germany and there is literally nobody here, who has a smartphone but not whatsapp. I also use Telegram, but only a fraction of people have it, so whatsapp is definitely the go-to instant messaging service. Is this different in the US? How do iMessage (is it still called that?) users communicate with people who use Android?

  3. is it weird to have 2 phones as a non reviewer? i have a iphone and a android love both carry both but i dont do what you do. just a average tech lover.

  4. Mark ass is like the epitome of technology channel. Like the best anyone can be at reviewimg stuff because he is so professional about his stuff! A follower since the fam was just a million strong. Way to go 10mil, good lick, miles to go still!

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