Is Bitcoin usable now?! Lightning Network will change Bitcoin Forever

The Lightning Network has a simple promise – send Bitcoin instantly with near-zero fees and more privacy. In this episode, I take a deep dive into the lightning network and show you a transaction in action (Passing the 3.6 Million Satoshi – 0.036 BTC Lightning torch.

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  1. Hey Box. Thanks for the video. You said with the CasaNode that you can earn money, but I have looked at there website and it seems to be “just” a bitcoin node, with no profit. Am I missing something? Thanks

  2. NANO is now <1 second. it USED to be about 3 seconds, and that doesnt feel instant. Its fast, but not instant.

    Less than one second starts FEELING instant becuase its sell time than it takes to open an app (on a high end phone).

    Nano is also FEELESS.

    no need to hassle with channels

    Stop with this delusional LN shit

    use nano

  3. Is funny Ivan, because he spend a great deal about ease of use, but when people sent him the URI for the invoices, he realized that it was very complicated to do. So UX recommendations be damned. Goes to say that mobile wallets are shit for UX. Get some real desktop wallets that can recognize URIs from your browser using smart tags and maybe the user experience might increase.

  4. Buddy!! none of them can rival Digibyte (DGB) in terms of technical capabilities. After the testing phase is over, Digibyte could easily become the go-to platform for anyone looking to launch a security token. There are a number of factors that give Digibyte an edge in this market.

    For starters, the Digibyte blockchain is one of the most decentralized out there, which also makes it one of the most secure. This means that anyone looking to launch an asset on the Digibyte blockchain can bank on its security. The result is that Digibyte (DGB) is likely to attract reputable companies looking to launch assets on the blockchain. This could see the value of this Digibyte (DGB) rise significantly, based on the forces of demand and demand. ICOs made Ethereum (ETH) huge in 2017, and as they die out and STOs take over, Digibyte (DGB) could go big.

    Then there is the fact that Digibyte (DGB) cannot be censured. By extension, this means that any assets launched on top of it cannot be censored. This is a big deal because, it gives Dapps developers the leeway to launch applications that cannot be shut down on flimsy grounds. Freedom-lovers will have a field day launching applications on the Digibyte blockchain, and the result will be an increase in the demand of the Digibyte blockchain.

  5. Grow up Lightning network is still and always will be an experiment. Want to really be schooled look into Digibyte and then you will see the longest, fastest, safest, scalable block-chain in the world. But most importantly Bitcoin is the most recognized crypto. However, it is far from the most efficient cryptocurrency, and as investors get to understand the market better, they will find Digibyte to be the most efficient version of Bitcoin. It shares Bitcoin’s core strengths, while eliminating its weaknesses. Bitcoin is a wonderful technology waiting for somebody to invent a true killer application. The answer is DIGIBYTE, its already the big brother to Bitcoin its highly scalable, extremely secure, incredibly fast transactions and super-fast block-times. Digibyte is tried and proven for over 5 years in the wild with over 250,000 nodes across the earth and 7,791,000 blocks, making it the longest and most secure blockchain in the world with autonomic scalability. Digibyte is the most scalable blockchain.

  6. There's no wasted effort in the BTC & crypto phenomena. Even as impossible a task as the Lighting Network is trying to achieve, it's not futile. What's being learned will be future knowledge to build similar means of providing blockchains with BTC transactions in a more organized manner, etc. Basically, 'networks of wallets', but it's a bit off in the future, when it can be done accurate with guaranteed security. No one will trust the Lighting Network after the first BTC theft hacks take place this year. 'Yes, poor Lighting Network will be 'Hacky Sacked', bumo.

  7. Lightning Network is at $2,849,374 already. We are already up to #517 place on Coinmarketcap. We expect to pass the Bitconnect market cap sometime this year and should be ready for world adoption in just 18 months. I am totally stoked. Go Lightning Go.

  8. Hey Michael 😊
    You are truly one of the best in this community and I thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us
    I would really be interested in a vid where you show us how to set up a lightning node so that I too can be a part of this revolution
    Thank you again man !
    Take care 😎

  9. Using the LN means we all have to comply with AML and KYC regulations in the near future, because nodes will be known as money transmitters or third party settlement organizations. No more censorship resistance, and no more freedom.

  10. Story time. I live in South Africa and have been living off bitcoin for close to 5 years now, from paying rent, groceries, buying tickets to movies, buying fuel ect ect..just about everything. it's a daily and common accurance here for banks to randomly take your money (the corruption in this country is out of control), this is what happened just a couple months ago.

    I can see bitcoins appeal in the west, but here in africa where banks LOVE stealing (litrually), bitcoin is a serious need. the problem tho is that it is difficult & complex to use for most people here, most can't even turn on a computer, so i'm not entirely sure how we can "educate" the masses on something as technological as Bitcoin (private bank)

  11. hahahaha, more like 2019 will be the year Lighting Network destroys its credibility. LFTR is John G.A.L.T.. Energy is the heart of advancement. Advancement is the wool on freedoms back.

  12. It would be nice if coinmarketcap listed the price of a satoshi. It's unfortunate that many investors don't quite get the concept of market cap. They always look for "penny stocks." Also, Coinmarketcap can probably put the entire history of BTC price since the beginning.

  13. looking forward to your tutorial on setting up a node, i have some btc on coinbase that i need to move to a private wallet sooner rather than later, not sure what the best options are yet and have no idea what sort of fees coinbase is likely to charge when i move it off their exchange ?

  14. Again..I am a "credits where credits' due" type of guy…so thumbs up! Andd let us ALL not forget and hommage the guy thinking up this lightning torch! Because hate it or love went viral and it will go in history that his small action triggered the wave to massadoption

  15. you know besides casa hodl there is also the raspiblitz which is build on a raspberry pi and completely open source. so you can buy the harware yourself and install the scripts (:

  16. Airdrop me to test this


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