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  1. Sooooo… are we going to forget about Prince of Persia, Silent Hill, Mortal Kombat, and Warcraft (Yes, Warcraft was really close to its source material).

  2. Man regardless of the bad adaptation of the game part, Van Damme's Street Fighter is still an entertaining and fun 90s popcorn cheese movie to watch.

  3. I believe that it's because the movies try to do what the games did, and there's one problem: movies aren't video games. You don't have the same rush and feelings when watching movies as you would a video game. Too many video game movies try to tell or retell the story of the game, and it removes the best part of most of those games: gameplay. Video game based movies need to focus on telling a new story within that universe to make it unique rather than trying to re-enact gameplay moments with slow motion action scenes and quick camera takes.

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