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  2. I honestly think that the reviewer just did not like the game.

    IGN assigns reviews to people and maybe this guy does not get into strategy games. I always try other reviewers before buying a game so I recommend trying a more in depth review. 5 minutes or less is not enough time to really talk about this game

  3. wait for interesting to happen? mmh he doesn't know paradox games
    you need to set your own goals like in eu4! you decide everything and create your own campaign

  4. Says the game is slow paced and boring… Then you realise he isn't even playing on the fastest speed. Althroughout the video hes playing on "fast" not "fastest".

  5. how do you make a big army i have the whole dayum galaxy and i still am getting crushed by the computer with 5 planets, they actually gave me a ship because my army was so weak.

  6. “Sectors create more micromanaging”, Really, Would you rather sit and micromanage every single tile on every planet in your entire empire. IGN really dosen’t know what they’re talking about on this one.

  7. I don't see an update to this review after the scores of updates and Dlc that have fixed every thing ign has critiqued on in this video. There's also the new 2.2 update coming out soon which should revamp the entire way you play this game please make a new review showing all the improvements paradox has made since the vanilla game dropped

  8. "If they're stronger than you, they might declare a war; if they're not, they don't do anything". I really couldn't believe what I've just heard. Did this guy think he was going to have something like Serious Sam or Doom here? Why would a weaker enemy attack you, it's a strategy-simulation game. Are you going around trying to start fights with 6'5 pro fighters in real life?

  9. I play Stellaris version 1.9 with all the race expansions that are compatible with it. This game feels pretty good. The only complaints I have about it is that battles are automated and predictable (as opposed to fun and deep, like Starsector's), and that some ethics are very hard to manipulate, which could serve as a downer for my playing style. Huge pros that I never expected to appreciate in this game: enslaving pops, eating pops, and becoming god-emperor.

  10. This game is ABSOLUTE TRASH It's a constant grind to maintain planets and the hyper lanes system is broken. I can't play this game without mods. IGN was too generous this time

  11. "I played this game for 50 hours, and did 3 play sessions, and was still bored." I have racked up a total of about 260 hours on this game, and have had dozens of new games, each for their own purpose, and have hit endgame only a few times, but I was never bored of it, and never thought the game play of it was "lackluster" or "not good enough for a game" this guy reviews this like it's a fps, but then says it's not, and that it's a bad 4x strategy, but it's neither of those, he should really research what kind of game he's doing a review on, before he posts a video that the entire fan base can see, and easily point out the obvious flaws in his review of the game, and every thing he neglected to talk about, due to it actually being an unmistakably good piece, and instead only touched upon the aspects that make the game seem bad, and even then his points are a 4.5/10 at best.
    That's my review for this person at least.

  12. This review is trash from the amount of outrage in the dislikes and comments. Heads up, you can get the Stellaris Digital Anniversary Edition on Steam right now for $40 (AUD) and it comes with the base game, Plantoids DLC, Leviathans DLC, and Utopia. A insane amount of content for half the price of a usual game release, getting it right now.

  13. Hum… You know, all the problems you see in the game can be easily patched up… Knowing Paradox, its not even a question but a sure fact they will do that.
    Your review failed to explain what the game is and what players can do in this game and looks like more like a biased rant made by an addicted player…

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