Top 5 Mistakes of Noob Race Drone Owners – MUST WATCH BEFORE YOU PURCHASE

This list is comprised from the top 5 most common issues from the feedback of customers

Make sure you watch all they way thru because a few minutes of time now will save you hours and hours of frustration later on plus $ and we all like to save time and money!

Beginner Drone Package (not a toy – A real FPV Drone – just small 🙂 )

Intro to FPV and FPV Quads

Best Micro – Indoor Drone

1st Race Drone

Lipo Alarm

Battery Checker

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    I bought a DJI Mavic Pro Platinum (£1200 around $1500) as a treat for some friends in Cyprus and 6 weeks after Waiting for it to be delivered all the hassle of getting it through customs after sending it to North Cyprus (who take longer to deal with things) etc etc. So the guys waited weeks nearly 2 months for their drone. The day it arrived l was here in Cyprus. We all went to the beach and we were all very excited filming with it. We were on the deck sunbathing. When the drone returned to us it just flipped and landed in the sea for no apparent reason! We got it out after about 2 seconds, dried it in rice, but it didn't work! When I phoned DJI long distance, they said they would repair it free for us so I was relieved. I spent more money about €50, sending it back (which meant travelling through the border, again thru customs, to the South of the Island, I don't drive so taxi costs. Thus was to use a Post Office with tracking so l coukd track the Mavic Pro.)
    Then strangely DJI wouldn't confirm that they received it 4 weeks later (even though tracking showed it arrived) until I could find all my receipts and evidence my end which I had temporarily lost. This took another week and a half, with more long distance phone calls, to different people in their office as no record was kept of my long distance phone calls. I've lost count of the many calls l made. It was a total nightmare. Finally, they decided they were not going to fix it free after all and gave no real reason for this change of heart. They then quoted €890 to repair it which seems steep when you consider they replace a chip or something minor – l could probably do it myself if you could buy electronics gear here (North Cyprus) which you cannot! I just asked them to return it. I cannot explain why they didn't wish to help – I wasn't angry with them on the phone I was polite all the way – so I am at a loss about this. In commercials and YouTube you see the machine flying over water there is no warning that it is NOT even semi-waterproof or splashproof. I explained to Amazon where I bought it who decided they would sort it for me saying if they couldn't get redress from DJI they would pay me. I said l was happy to have half the costs and expenses. I waited and waited for my refund to no avail. Out of the blue, Amazon too decided they weren't going to pay me anything not even a postage stamp! So I am £1500 plus down and all my time and effort (and expenses) and nothing to show for it. Not to mention all the time and trouble travelling to South Cyprus to send it back via tracked mail long distance phone calls etc etc. The worst was watching my two young friends ' unhappy faces. The real reason for this plea is I wanted to asked anyone PLEASE – what do I do with all the batteries and stuff? Can I use them on a different drone (not DJI as I am still sore!) There has to be a clone out there where I can use the batteries, surely China has copied it (improved it!) it just seems so much waste. I thought the 21st C was a sustainable one, it seems not as far as DJI are concerned!!!

  2. I think my first mistake is buying a Wizard X220. I have no flight experience with hobby grade quads and I feel like I just made a huge mistake

  3. Hey guys, nice video, on that low voltage beeper wouldn't I need another connecter to connect with the emax tiny hawk, if so what do u recommend

  4. Please don't sell eachine. Those quads are horrible, they ruin the hobby. I seen pilots buy their first kwad being eachine. They fly like shit and usually the pilot decides to end the hobby for them. Arris hobby kwads are similar in price and fly much better. NurkFPV is the best pilot in the world. He started using Arris and now he's famous. Rotor Riot also tested eachine against other starter kwads. They said eachine is a waste of money.

  5. Hi there, my quad come with a 3s 25c battery out of the box, is it safe to put a different battery with a higher c rate but keep the voltage 3 cell the same? If so what would be the maximum recommend c rate? Cheers.

  6. I want to learn fpv flying. But what is a good beginner goggle? I thought about Eachine ev800d, Eachine ev100, Eachine vrd2 or JJRC JJPRO F01. I don't want a really expensive one but ones like underneath 90 dollars or something. What do you recommend? I wanna fly outdoor and indoor.

  7. "I bought this new quad today and I wanted to se how high it would go". Please stay away from the quad community. Go play board games or something.

  8. Wow that battery was ripped wide open and the guy is all wrapping his hands around it. Good thing he obviously didnt have sweaty palms. Cause that lithium reacts with water or moisture violently. But that would have been a good time to mention battery protection. Even some zip ties placed so it covers corners can add some protection. Or placing it in a baloon for in case of rain. And also how carbon fiber is conductive and can cause grounding of wires and or boards. Anyway. I can go on all day. Maybe this should be 10mistakes….. No make that 20. Aaah hell just write a manual for it.

  9. My NOOB mistake was not properly charging the battery. I saw all the DO NOT OVERCHARGE! Vids. So when my battery got to 14.8 I would stop my charger. I was so bummed at 2 minutes of flight time. A full charged battery is 4.2 volts per cell. DAMN WISH I KNEW THAT FOR THE FIRST MONTH. LOLZ!

  10. Yeah the first mistake is they call a quadcopter an FPV RACE DRONE. Unless it can fly itself it’s not a drone. So until then it’s a quadcopter. But that’s just my view on the situation.

  11. what is the point of flying a toy around! its not like your flying around ! your paying for a piece of plastic to have fun! lmao… just buy a mosquito and fly yourself!

  12. How is a battery so smart without a micro chip in it.. How can it detect that damage???

    Also with the new wireless charging being looked into more and more..

  13. Had a Nanowii and hooked a cheap fpv camera on it myself, flew fpv then llst it.
    bought a TBS Vendetta II as my first real race quad. Its great. almost impossible to break and works perfectly out of the box. PIDs are as good as perfect and flashing it with betaflight is simple if you use tbs agent. runs Cleanflight out of the box

  14. Thanks you guys….I just bought my first quad and I know nothing about setting it up. So thank you for the information and I maybe calling for answers to my one thousand and one questions.

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