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  1. While watching the movie I thought the tethers are the "real" Americans and them killing the originals is like a twisted take on the make America Great Again movement happening now

  2. The Tethered consider themselves as shadows… Dark images left behind from those of whom are graced by the light of the world. Struggling to find their own identity, to become untethered from their counterparts. That's why the Scissors were their weapon of choice.

  3. Hey how about you title your video Us: ending explained(SPOILERS) instead of straight up talking about the twists lol.

    I'd be pissed if I hadn't seen the movie yet and y'all are putting this in your title. Come on guys.

  4. I was wearing my Fallout vault dweller “111” hoodie when watching this film. Pretty scary coincidence, I’m sure I psyched at least a couple of people when stepping out of the theater.

  5. A video i seen said it best, this movie should have ended 30mins earlier. The movie should have let the audience figure everything out about the switch and subtlety hint about it. Fan theories would went crazy if peele had left out that flashback.

  6. this was the dumbest movie i seen this year so far all the hype was because of (Jordan peel). in my book a step down from get out.

  7. 11 turned sideways is an equal sign. = . Equality. Those given an opportunity can and most times do flourish. Those who don’t are often forgotten and damned. The forgotten sometimes do not forget about their pain and sometimes seek to harm fortunate others. A battle of self. In this movie we see a flourishing main character and a forgotten main character. My interpretation of the film

  8. Also the son couldn't snap his fingers in rhythm.. when the doppelganger dies in the fire he starts to snap his fingers in rhythm, when Red says "we're Americans" you realize Us has a double meaning US- United States.

  9. Was it not realized that the son was actually a tether also who switched the summer before after he almost burned the house down? The entire movie they kept giving the clues. They said it seemed like he's learning new words every day, he cant remember the trick he could easily do the year before, he would rather build tunnels on the beach instead of castles, his doppelganger face was burned, he was the only one Red did not try to have killed, the way he lowered his mask at the end looking at Adelaide. I think he was supposed to get the family back to the beach for Red and that plan failed and he also learns that Adelaide is actually like him.. originally a tether.

  10. What I find interesting about this movie, is that even though it's revealed that Adelaide is actually Red and Red is actually Adelaide, can it really be said that Red is still technically a villain? I mean the incident with her attacking Adelaide, happened when she was a child, and Adelaide as shown throughout the movie was clearly not herself anymore and probably had no chance of redeeming herself. I'm not trying to defend Red, but still, given everything that happened, I just don't think the current situation can be helped. I mean, as long as she maintains her goal of protecting her family, everything should be fine right?………..

  11. I get the switch in the beginning, but doesn't that mean that she would still be doing what the real person was doing since she is a tether? Or is the relationship between the tethers mirroring their real counterparts solely based on them being underground?

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