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  1. One of the key characteristics superman is he holds back. Kind of the example of injustice. If he had no mercy, or thought most fights that superman would have would've ended easily, and quickly.

  2. To be honest it depends if Shazam was more mature and experienced he probably wipe the floor with superman since Shazam’s power comes from the Greek gods beings who in the past have been able to easily beat superman

  3. People gotta realize that Superman is so powerful. He can literally throw the sun into Shazam if he wanted to. Absorb energy from the Sun which makes him temporarily invulnerable to kryptonite or magic which means invincible and just punch Shazams face off before Shazam could blink. If Superman does not hold back the whole universe is screwed

  4. The silver age of Superman is why most people don’t like Superman. He’s literally a walking plot device, and people try to say Batman’s the king of that. Hell you clearly haven’t seen the absolute fuckery supes was doing in those days.

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