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  1. ????? ? talking about bitcoin do you see what’s happening it’s Alt coin Season it’s all about Use cases bitcoin is going to be the getaway to These Alt coins platforms when These companies become ? Popular thesis what going to happen the company’s going to Soak up most of the Fiat currency then ? taking Fiat currency because of inflation then the only Currency it’s going to be Except is BITCOIN then you will see a1,000,000 dollar bitcoin ?

  2. The News is a tool, reporters are paid to produce a product as directed. It's big business and it is controlled. NONE of this is by accident. FUD is meant to keep the price down until THEY are ready to take the boot of the throat of this Asset Class. This is not Rocket Science. I've been buying on those big Red Days. I love taking coins on those days because I feel that the people selling them DON'T deserve to hold them any longer. If you are weak and easily lead then I'll be more than happy to relieve you of your coins.

  3. That fake volume pushing money around internally. It's called wash trading. Illegal in stocks. Not in crypto. I'd like that regulation.

  4. Why is no one talking about the EU passing Article 13 and article 11 re: internet copyright law and the potential impact it will could have on crypto projects that are focused on content providers like Holo, Theta, Coil, BTT etc?

  5. Tron has instant name recognition with people new to crypto. Everyone I talk to that’s just getting interested in crypto’s say they want to buy Tron. They don’t know much about all the tokens when starting out but the name Tron instantly stands out to them.

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