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  1. What else can happen.. it's predictable.

    a)they fight thanos and even captain marvel gets overpowered by thanos,
    b)next they time travel to old thanos scans the invinity stone , comes back and present thanos is waiting for them.
    C) banner turns hulk, hulk merges with mind stone and becomes professor hulk
    D) hulk fights thanos looses his arm for using the gauntlet.
    e) reality is altered and everyone comes back to life.
    f) all fights thanos
    G) Thor cuts of thanos's hand
    F) caps dies using the gauntlet. Turns in dust.
    G) funeral and Bucky becomes his mantle.

    Just a theory ???

  2. Everyone in the comments talking about Cap swearing, but iam here wondering why Thanos used the stones again and how they found out he did…

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