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  1. I like how people get on the hate bandwagon for Epic game store but as soon as exclusive comes out people jump on it, no wonder game companies do what they do.

  2. Just bought the game last night on Xbox 1, i may get the PC Version later, but i wanted to try this game since my Gf and I are huge zombie fans and of course fans of the movie. Definitely a great game, i can see a lot of potential with this game as the Swarms of Zombies are intense and more realistic and add a lot of action to this game. The guns, ammo and classes are super good and definitely add more value to the game. Only problem is you really need Xbox Live in order to play this game properly and don't expect local co-op split screen (myself and my gf were really let down by this as the Devs said they wanted to focus on the mechanics and they can, but why not still add that amazing feature?) Hopefully in a future patch they may reconsider it. And there's not enough PvE levels as there's only NY, Jerusalem, Moscow and Tokyo each with about 3-4 chapters. But the 5 different level difficulties are awesome and should keep you entertained for awhile. I just wish they had local co-op and a bit more PvE added in and maybe in the future they will do so. 8/10 for me and a solid Zombie game and definitely enjoying it so far, but feel they could do so much more to make it completely polished, cheers all! – Edit** FORGOT to mention the chainsaw is Kickass!!

  3. This game is really fun to play. Each episode has replay value. I finished the whole story on very hard earlier and it’s still fun. Plus it’s so satisfying to kill the giant horde at the end

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