Top 10 Aircraft that Are Starting the VTOL Revolution in Modern Flight

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According to the latest research in the field of personal aviation, VTOL aircraft are expected to take over the skies in the nearest future as efficient, economically sound and safe means of transportation.

In fact, electric vertical take-off and landing passenger drones show better results than electric cars in terms of environmental friendliness. Being intrigued by these findings, in today’s episode we will show you the latest creations in the field of VTOLs, that bring the future of flight closer to us!

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Hexa from Lift Aircraft:

Hexa from Lift Aircraft is an 18-rotor multicopter with a drone-like construction that was created with the aim of giving people the unique experience of piloting an aircraft without a pilot’s license.

Lazareth LMV 496:

Engineers have long been on the unsuccessful quest to develop a flying motorcycle to make the science fiction transport from Star Wars a reality. However, this situation might change when the French automaker Ludovic Lazareth finished working on the LMV 496.

Bell V-280

If the majority of the VTOL aircraft on this list might be allowed to operate only in a decade or two, and other wont fly at all, the last development by Bell helicopters is being expedited to join the ranks of the US airforce. The V-280 Valor was co-developed with Lockheed Martin.

Ehang 184 and 216:

Ehang 184 and 216 are one and two-seater fully electric passenger drones developed by the Chinese company of the same name. When entering production in 2020, the models will be able to take off autonomously, fly a route, sense obstacles, and land.

Pal-V Liberty Pioneer:

The Pal V Liberty Pioneer Limited Edition is the world’s first production flying car which will be released in the number of 90 units.

Cora by Kitty Hawk:

Cora by Kitty Hawk is a two-seater electric VTOL aircraft that completed 400 test flies in 2018, and is expected to become the first in the world air taxi service by 2021.

Bell Nexus:

Developed as an aircraft for future Uber air taxi, Bell’s Nexus stands out among bolder VTOL aircraft concepts and looks a lot like a jet or a helicopter rather than just a giant drone.

Boeing PAV:

A year ago, Boeing PAV was nothing more than a concept study, but in January 2019, it actually completed its first successful test flight. The fully electric passenger air vehicle is a 4-seater VTOL aircraft that is expected to be fully autonomous and offer 50 miles of range on a charge.


As of 2019, the all-electric BlackFly has completed over 1600 flights and has flown over 22,000 miles. To comply with regulations, the VTOL will have two modifications, the US and International, and is expected to cost like a typical SUV.

Vahana AERO:

Vahana AERO is a creation of A³, a Silicon Valley-based Airbus subsidiary, and is an all-electric VTOL prototype that features an 8-rotor construction.

Jetpack Aviation Speeder:

2019 Jetpack Aviation Speedster is a motorcycle-like VTOL aircraft that uses 4 turbojet engines and runs either on diesel or on kerosene. The model is going to be available three modifications, recreational, ultralight, and experimental, with an expected price of $380,000.


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