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  1. Great! Another discussion from a group of morons too busy trying to be famous to have time to read the books! Edit: And why does all the women on the panel looks as though they smell of B.O? Whew, trust me, dude, I've been through my share! And THEY ARE GUILTY!

  2. Season 1-4 is peak television, Season 5-6 has it's moments, sacrificing writing for more visual splendor. And for Season 7-8 just completely throws out the mythos of this world and threw every ounce or logical writing in wildfire. Spectacle was amazing and nothing on TV will top what Game of Thrones has been able to accomplish but I do wish the writing was there these last 2 seasons to compliment the mastery in the VFX.

  3. Took a nose dive after the books. However, they still had lore masters respecting narrative integrity writing up through Battle of the Bastards though, which to me was incredible but is when the show really ended.

  4. Roth gets it!!! It’s not that you weren’t expecting something to happen that made the show great, it’s that the most realistic thing tended to happen and you kick yourself for not seeing it sooner. And also: Great characters

  5. this obsession with these books is so weird and not necessary. dont get why you are watching the show, just read the books and leave us be. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the show was great, the ending was great, GET OVER IT

  6. 2:08 Roth's complaints summarize my own, though I'd go as far back as the finale of season 4 when mentioning these problems. I haven't loved the show in years, but at least it was consistent in seasons 5 and 6 (besides the teleporting). 7 and 8 really stand out as bad, the original promise of "we're not gonna go the cliche routes of regular tv drama" was broken over and over again for cheap shocks and poorly constructed big moments. They did so little in season 7 and 8 that they could've used all that time to properly set up the ending, instead of all the wheelspinning and padding (specially in season 8), but it seems D&D either didn't know how, didn't care or they simply didn't plan ahead as much as they should have. As a book reader, I've been having issues since around halfway through (or season 2, if you wanna talk Stannis), but as a tv fan in general, season 5 also felt like a shift in tone and care in the writing department, 6 just solidified problems that I thought could still be salvaged. What a shame.

  7. The last episode: "I felt nothing at all.."
    Me all over. There was no imaginable ending that could redeem what had been done to the arc. And so..everything was completely expected.
    3 major villains killed in 3 consecutive episodes.
    Pure hack.
    When they went on the great zombie safari – the beginning of the doom.
    It could have still been rescued past that , but it marks the point where the D&D just gave up on any kind of organic narrative.
    *Also, magic is the substitute for technology in this world. It has kept their world locked into a time line of swords and armor for 8000 year.
    It would be like if our modern world were still riding around on first dynasty Egyptian chariots fighting with bows and arrows.
    Why does this show not answer anything about that? Why does nobody ask GRRM?

  8. I liked Season 8. The final episode was just a wrap-up because they've already had 2 grand battles during this final season so there was no one left really to give us a super Saiya-jin battle. Well, Jon Snow and Grey Worm would've made for an interesting fight but they chose the right King. Who else would you follow other than the guy who can literally see everything. Khaleesi was going down a dark path for a while now so I don't understand how everyone didn't see that. She was thirsty for power and it showed as her army grew. So focused on people bending the knee. It was the most spectacular final season but I'm not upset at all, well, except for The Night King's ending

  9. Season 1-4: Sensational.
    Season 5: Half-baked. Dorne plotline is weak, first episodes are fillers. However, later episodes (e.g. Hardhome) are amazing.
    Season 6: Mostly amazing and uplifting with some of the greatest moments of the series (The Door, Battle of the Bastards).
    Season 7: First three episodes are dialogue-heavy and relatively well-written, last four episodes are pure garbage.
    Season 8: A monumental catastrophe.

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