CRAZY! Bitcoin SV Pops $800M Because Craig Wright Filled Out a Form! (Bix Weir)

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I’m starting to think that crypto people are losing their minds and will believe ANYTHING these days! Craig Wright fills out a form that ANYBODY can fill out and Bitcoin SV goes crazy!


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  1. I want to share to show how dumb this video is. But worried about your extra views. Jesus you are so dumb. I can’t stop thinking of how dumb you are.

  2. How many people will believe that he is Satoshi? How many people will buy BSV? How much will he grow? I do not care about the rest.

  3. Bix its not just because of the copywrite. Check the SV blockchain at when you go there you will see that BSV is about even with BTC in mining profitability. Some times it goes BTC is more and then BSV its been bobbing back and forth. Also like I commented in previous video as a different handle talking about Ryan X. Charles, unwriter, money button, and metanet. unwriter in my opinion is the best damn dev/programmer on the planet. P.S. I know who unwriter is. He has only 3 videos online you can see his face and uses his real name so he cant be found as unwriter. Don't miss out on this Bix, you are gonna regret it.

  4. You win biggest idiot in crypto, if you don't understand the significance of copyright registration then you have no business speaking about it.

  5. everyone is selling something Bix, don't you have some beet pills to pimp?…denial isn't a river in Africa, Bix you are drowning here. grab your camel toe and admit your are an idiot. it will help you heal! oh short btc, long BSV the real BitCoin!

  6. why does Craig Wright get away with all his BS? Because he knows new people coming into crypto is naive, and untaught. John McAfee supposidley knows who the real Satoshi is and is presently attempting to corner/coax Satoshi into admitting his true identity, in order to take down the false Satoshi, Craig Wright… See

  7. I filed a couple of copyrights for my business and WAS contacted. The representative wanted to confirm whether or not they were actually original works or "for hire."

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