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  1. Me : dad I need money for new iPhone
    Dad : Get lost
    Me : at least can u buy me a stand
    Dad : Sure it’s not that expensive how much do you want.
    Me :just 1000 Dollars
    Dad : -_-

  2. It's just sad that the new ios 13 beta just added a bunch of things android already has. If iPhones were at least caught up I would buy it for imessage but even then they cost more so it's just idiotic to get one currently.

  3. Let me get this straight why I prefer iphone, it’s about the ios which is more secured, no viruses for it or at least no one I am aware off, I know android users may use an antivirus peogram sometimes and the fact that you get software support for so many years, you may say yeah but it is also slowing down the phone, as you update but from iphone x which at his moment was more powerfull than the macbook pro 13 inch base specs, I guess it is guture proof for at least 4-5 years. And the cherry on top is the 3d touch which you will never get on an android phone, huawei had it I guess but it didn’t work so good and regarding actual situation with huawei things may get nasty with time if nothing changes in the mean time, which I really hope so because I love the Mate x foldable. On the other hand the one plus 7 pro was the first android phone which made me think considering to switch to android because of the display which is the first 90hz oled display in the industry and also the whole display without any intrusions of camera/s

  4. You're a jackass. Fucking imbecile who can't decide what is better. Stop making clickbait videos. iPhone or whatever you use, NOBODY cares. You're channel is Unbox Therapy. Maybe do something real.

  5. iPad owner here and I hate the iPhone. I have too many apps to not have an app drawer so Apple needs to suck it up and admit an app drawer is needed for devices with more than 8gb of storage.

  6. These petty ass android users always wanna carry the flag. Us iPhone users can care less lol. They’re always rubbing their phones in our face and talking about specs when at the end of the day all we do is watch YouTube

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