DRL Simulator for Drone Racing FPV – Testing one of the race tracks

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DRL Simulator is pretty fun FPV Racing game, the maps/scenery/race courses are really really good, probably one of the best out there. But the physics is pretty bad, the quad feels like a tank, lots of drags and powerless. But well, it’s free, what can you expect 🙂

This is me 2 hours into this sim, all default settings…

More about FPV sims: https://oscarliang.com/free-quadcopter-simulator-drone-multirotor-trainer/


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  1. You beat my record by 7 seconds. It's time to beat your time…

    edit: my new time is 51.35 seconds. search me to watch it on drl simulator- Louiester250

  2. the DRL sim is meant ti fly like a DRL quad, so thats why it feels powerless and heavy haha. i think its based off racer 2 still. 3 is upcoming 😀

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