NO MAN'S SKY IN VIRTUAL REALITY! | NMS Beyond VR (Valve Index Gameplay)

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Here are my first impressions of No Man’s Sky in VR. You can play the game with a PSVR, Valve Index, Rift or even better with the Oculus Quest by using Virtual …


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  1. It’s super dope super fun but yea that ummmm optimization is bad hope they fix soon and really……….. you literally decided to not show the fun part of nms? Creative isn’t close to fun, it’s just for base building really and exploring the universe without taking damage which isn’t really fun at all in a space exploration/ survival game but whatever floats your boat nathie

  2. Rip out that 1080 of your PC, I don't think vr supports sli at all. And it's just rendering your 1080ti worthless. I could be wrong but hey! Just trying to help, feel free to correct me 🙂

  3. Great video! 2 suggestions: A: Go to the nexus dudeeeeee its so cool and there are people there just summon space anomaly 2: visit me: i am currently situated in the Elucid galaxy and my general hub is at In the gamma system. Planet is called prime II but discoverys might not show up ( so u wont know its called gamma system or planet prime ) so just look for the lush planet. Thanks and good luck! also please dont wreack base

  4. Hi nathie, I am watching this video not to see you on the half of my screen and cropped gameplay on the other half, next time show the gameplay bigger and your facecam tinier

  5. This game looks good but it was will need more improvements in VR and then perhaps I'll play it then. Thank-You for this Demo Nathie it looks like you did a great job showing it off also. I also watched the 2 hr live video from Mike of the Virtual Oasis channel so far I now have an understanding of this game now.

  6. Surprisingly, it's working well for me with the Index and a Razer Blade15 laptop w/2060 rtx. Low settings, but as noted it still looks great.

  7. I might pick this up on steam. I quite enjoyed Elite Dangerous, but the lack of controlling the ship with your hands ruined the immersion for me. There seems to be much more content in this game and motion controls 😁

  8. im so exited for my index controllers.. hopefully i recieve them tomorrow but will probably have them by monday.. so friggin hyped

  9. Do more htc Vive undead cuz in that game u can use a bagpack by grabbing the objects you wanna take and drop it on your back or something (I never tried it)

  10. Combat in the ship in vr using the touch controllers is a nightmare. In pancake mode combat's a breeze. It just shows how bad vr combat control is, and the press praised this before launch?

  11. I can’t say I like this game more than in 2016.
    It just still feels bland and that I don’t have any idea how this world and this alien race work!!!
    But I would say that this could be so much fun in multiplayer but there’s no cross-play, what ruins that instantly again!!!😑

  12. Sweet! The update in general even not taking the VR into account is brilliant and a massive improvement. I’m expecting a fair few patches coming soon to clean up the graphic issues and multiplayer performance on PSVR and then it will be bloody marvelous!

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