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  1. You were the chosen one !
    It was said you would destroy Fortnite not join them !
    Bring balance to the gaming community not leave it in darkness!

  2. Honesty this is kinda neat, more neat cosmetic items and a new progression thing to give a reason to play more is a nice addition

  3. It bothered me when players had to buy all the event exclusive alpha packs to get the skins they wanted. Like the summer one and even the western one. It already felt like a cash grab to make players buy all the packs to get a guaranteed item that they specifically wanted. Now with the battle pass, I feel like its pushing it way too far. Of course the players can choose whether or not to buy the battle pass, but it’s just simply another way for them to get money from the players.

  4. I honestly don't mind a battlepass all that much. I'm more annoyed by the patronising lies.
    Just tell us straight that this is being done to increase profit. We're not dumb, we accept capitalism, we're happy for you to make money.

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